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n. (plural of mycelium English)

  1. n. the vegetative part of a fungus consisting of a mass of branching threadlike hyphae

  2. [also: mycelia (pl)]


See mycelium

Usage examples of "mycelia".

Spores puffed up from a drying mass of mold mycelia, another strand of smell added to the tapestry: dry, musty, lingering.

And they started out in the mycelia and then were adopted by the Met Integument.

The most important of the mycelia is Nirvana, the self-made home base of the Friends of Tod.

A computer made of flesh, growing new capacity when it needed it, sending mycelia through the earth, sprouting elsewhere like mushrooms, fed by purple gardens.

The mycelia pumped energetic photons directly into the chloroplasts, having bucket-brigaded them down their endless molecular corridors, not spilling a single one into the outside environment.

He pulled himself across on ropy mycelia trunk lines and shoved his way into a pulsing gate orifice.

There were fungi that put out toxic mycelia and actively hostile basidiocarps, rusts that gave new meaning to an old word (and class), and all manner of nasties that made their homes in the trees or in the waters of the flooded forest.

Within twenty seconds, the small dish in front of her was full of golden ribbed caps with stiff narrow stems and thready mycelia.