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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Muse \Muse\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Mused; p. pr. & vb. n. Musing.] [F. muser to loiter or trifle, orig., to stand with open mouth, fr. LL. musus, morsus, muzzle, snout, fr. L. morsus a biting, bite, fr. mordere to bite. See Morsel, and cf. Amuse, Muzzle, n.]

  1. To think closely; to study in silence; to meditate. ``Thereon mused he.''

    He mused upon some dangerous plot.
    --Sir P. Sidney.

  2. To be absent in mind; to be so occupied in study or contemplation as not to observe passing scenes or things present; to be in a brown study.

  3. To wonder. [Obs.]
    --B. Jonson.

    Syn: To consider; meditate; ruminate. See Ponder.


vb. (en-past of: muse)

Usage examples of "mused".

Against this tapestry of living light the jagged contours of the pyramids stood out in dark outline, and as any thoughtful individual might do, I mused upon the vanity of human aspiration and the brevity of human passions.

The Marches sat and mused, or quarrelled fitfully about where they should spend the summer, like sparrows, he once said, till the electric lights began to show distinctly among the leaves, and they looked round and found the infants and dotards gone and the benches filled with lovers.

Such must be the birthplace of the sun, he mused, whence mares of smoke and stallions of fire blazed forth to charge heaven.

That, Shelly Morgenstern mused, was more true of Stag Preston than it had ever been of anyone.

Wexenne mused on the difference between the new dynamic Porteous and the old one.

Carol Marcus mused as she gazed around her spacious laboratory on Regula I, with its 360-degree view of the stars and an impressive collection of nebulas beyond.

Smithson mused thus, alone and in the darkness, Montesma and Lady Lesbia were wandering arm in arm in another and lovelier part of the grounds, where golden lights were scattered like Cuban fire-flies among the foliage of seringa and magnolia, arbutus and rhododendron, while at intervals a sudden flush of rosier light was shed over garden and river, as if by enchantment, surprising a couple here and there in the midst of a flirtation which had begun in darkness.

And given the unconventionality of her assignment, he mused, her command style was probably entirely appropriate.

No one could complain, Hymneth mused virtuously, that his dungeons suffered from overcrowding.

Greg mused whimsically as the kids moved in on the Duo, two racing away for water and sponges.

For a long time he sat in his brideless bower and mused on the follies of love-smitten men.

Jack mused over memories of other days, his anxiety to know what was wrong at Brindisi grew moment by moment, and the flying express seemed to crawl, so great was his impatience to be in London, where he expected to get further news from Mr.

He hummed quietly and mused to himself, lightly fingering his notebook of verses.

Perhaps Moonie had dragged the pieces out, she mused, there were several of them scattered across the rug.

Adrienne mused as Moonie curled her paws into her hair and began a thrumming little purr.