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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Murky \Murk"y\, a. [Compar. Murkier; superl. Murkiest.] [OE. mirke, merke, AS. myrce, mirce; akin to Icel. myrkr, Dan. & Sw. m["o]rk.]

  1. Dark; gloomy. ``The murkiest den.''

    A murky deep lowering o'er our heads.

  2. Obscured by haze or mist; clouded; turbid; as, poor visibility in the murky water.


a. (en-comparativemurky)


See murky

  1. adj. (of especially liquids) clouded as with sediment; "a cloudy liquid"; "muddy coffee"; "murky waters" [syn: cloudy, muddy, mirky, turbid]

  2. so shaded as to be dark or gloomy; "a murky dungeon"; "murky rooms lit by smoke-blackened lamps" [syn: mirky]

  3. [also: murkiest, murkier]

Usage examples of "murkier".

From the half-open tent he saw the stars twinkling above, yet a haze began to obscure them as he watched, growing murkier, covering the sky.

He had Bayan's ability to be amused, but his was a character much deeper and murkier than Bayan's had ever been.

The air is much murkier below, it's harder to see and breathe properly, and because of the bars it gets more difficult to stay inside without falling out into space.

If the Holder hasn’t interfered in your infatuation with the murkier side of the Delta, it must be because she is wiser than I am, and knows it is like the elusive, colorful swamp lights, of little substance and will burn itself out.

But given the murkier sorcery she has dabbled in, she may have more success with a bird with a questionable past than a mage with a tidier history would.

His license, however, extended into murkier areas, such as a preemptive kill, if you felt threatened.

And it got even murkier than that, like the right to kill in order to remove a great evil, whatever that was.