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Etymology 1 n. 1 (context finance English) A municipal bond 2 A facility operated by a municipal government, such as a golf course or train line Etymology 2

n. (context often italicized English) A Jain or Buddhist ascetic who has taken a vow of silence


"Muni" is a common US abbreviation for " municipal" or a city-related service or organization and may refer to:

Muni (film)

Muni is a 2007 Tamil comedy-horror film directed and written by Raghava Lawrence, who also plays the lead role. Vedhicka, Rajkiran and Rahul Dev among other play supporting roles, while the film's score is composed by Bharathwaj. The film released on 9 March 2007 along with a Telugu dubbed version of same name and gained average reviews and box office collections.Later,it was dubbed in Hindi as "Pratisodh-Ek Real Revenge" In 2011, a sequel titled Muni 2: Kanchana was released by Raghava Lawrence. It was the first film in the installment of Muni (film series).

Muni (Hinduism)

Muni is the wife of Kashyapa, one of the 62 daughters of Daksha and his wife Panchajani (daughter of Virani.)

The Bhagavata Purana states that the Apsaras were born from Kashyap and Muni.

Muni (film series)

Muni is a series of Indian Tamil comedy horror films directed by Raghava Lawrence who also appeared in lead roles in all the films. The first film is Muni (2007) and the second is Muni 2: Kanchana (2011) with the third installment of the franchise titled Kanchana 2 (2015). All films had a massive success in the box office as it continued a trend of the comedy-horror genre in Tamil cinema that began with Chandramukhi (2005).

All the three films revolves around the same plot of a coward who gets possessed by the ghosts to take revenge on the people who killed them, rest of the films shows how he takes revenge. Raghava Lawrence and Kovai Sarala are the only actors to appear in every installment of the series. Manobala, Mayilsamy and Sriman who were part of the second film appeared in the third film portraying different characters.

Usage examples of "muni".

Alone in the dark, lying in a mess of black crepe paper, Muni was recovering his nerve and self-confidence.

Go back to your comMunications shack now, Mr Muni, and keep your ear glued to the earphone or whatever it is you do to gather in scattergrams.

Dirk ordered, hoping that young Muni had managed to get the field working.

His mother had not been in contact with his father, Muni, since she had left Hawaii.

My mother told me that Muni was my father and that he had a brother named Ken.

She must have once written a note to Muni that was similar to the one he had left for Jennifer.

At the top, he waved goodbye again as he had the last time Muni drove away.

Paul Muni, one of the leading actors of the time, in the role of Wang Lung the farmer.

Diamond, John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson, Al Capone and all the other folk-heroes I had watched James Cagney and Paul Muni and George Raft impersonate on the silver screen, Saturday afternoon in Painesville, Ohio.

In each of the risings of 1854, 1866 and 1878, he had run the Turkish blockade in his Dardana countless times to land food and muni tions for the Christians in remote natural harbors.

Ripa autem erat acutis sudibus praefixis munita, eiusdemque generis sub aqua defixae sudes flumine tegebantur.

Benin, Togo, Ghana, and the Ivory Coast to the west, and Cameroon, Rio Muni, Fernando Po, Gabon, and Congo to the south.

The only historic Buddha is Sakya Muni, or Gotama, who was born at Kapila about six centuries before Christ.

A young Indian prince, named Sakya Muni, afflicted by the miseries of human life which he beheld, cast aside his wealth and his royal destiny, became a recluse, and devoted his life to the study of religion.

In each of the risings of 1854, 1866 and 1878, he had run the Turkish blockade in his Dardana countless times to land food and muni tions for the Christians in remote natural harbors.