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'''Muloorina ''' is both a pastoral lease that operates as a cattle station and a formal bounded locality in South Australia. The name and boundaries of the locality were created on 26 April 2013 with regard to the long established local name.

The property is situated approximately north of Marree and east of William Creek. It is located on the edge of Lake Eyre and Frome Creek runs through a portion of the station.

The station currently occupies an area and currently runs both sheep and cattle.

The property was established at some time prior to 1880. In 1938 it was owned by Stan and Elliot Price as was under the management of Ellery Talbot. The property was flooded in 1938 when Frome Creek broke its banks.

In 1964, Donald Campbell and his 500 strong entourage stayed at the property when he set the land speed record on the dry Lake Eyre in his car, Bluebird.

The historic Lake Harry Date Plantation Site is located at Muloorina and listed on the South Australian Heritage Register.