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cattle station

n. (context Australia English) A large farm in Australia, (the equivalent of ranch), usually in the outback, whose main activity is the raising of cattle, and run by a grazier. In most cases the stations are in a rangeland context on pastoral leases. Many are larger than small countries.

Cattle station

Cattle station is an Australian term for a large farm ( station, the equivalent of an American ranch), whose main activity is the rearing of cattle. In Australia, the owner of a cattle station is called a grazier. The largest cattle station in the world is Anna Creek Station in South Australia, Australia.

Usage examples of "cattle station".

Indian campground, cattle station, sheep ranch, dry-land farming, dust bowl, and then abandonment as a site no longer fit for human concern.

Of course, he already had a few million outside the country, so he could buy himself a nice little cattle station up in Queensland.

One of the stock men explained their behavior by telling her that an attractive unaccompanied female showed up at a cattle station about once every hundred years.

Undoubtedly there were once thylacines on mainland Australia and, indeed, stories of their survival were finally corroborated in 1966 when David Lowry found the skin of a thylacine in a cave on the Mundrabilia cattle station in Western Australia.

Lying low in some cattle station in the Outback, waiting until the time was right to come back to his old haunts with a new identity?