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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Mulley \Mul"ley\, Moolley \Mool"ley\, a. Destitute of horns, although belonging to a species of animals most of which have horns; hornless; polled; as, mulley cattle; a mulley (or moolley) cow. [U. S.] [Written also muley.]


Etymology 1 a. (context of cattle or deer English) Without horns. alt. (context of cattle or deer English) Without horns. Etymology 2

n. (context informal English) mule deer

Usage examples of "muley".

Mulier debet uelamen habere super caput suum propter Angelos: Multi Catholici exponunt quod sequitur, propter angelos, id est Incubos.

Muley Graves prowled about restlessly, looking through the bars into the truck, thumping the spare tires hung on the back of the truck.

Relatives of the Young Couple staked them to a team of Pelters, a Muley Cow, a Bird Dog of dubious Ancestry, an Axe and a Skillet, and started them over the Divide toward the perilous Frontier, away out yender in Illinoy.

Grampa claims that if Muley can stay behind and live off the land, so can he.