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Muf (disambiguation)

MUF or muf may refer to:

  • MUF (programming language), or "Multi-User Forth", a Forth derivative used in TinyMUCK and descendants
  • Main Uralian Fault, the main fault in the Ural Mountains of Russia
  • Maximum usable frequency, the highest usable frequency in ionosphere-reflected radio transmissions, at some point in time
  • Moderata Ungdomsförbundet, or Moderate Youth League, the Swedish Moderate Party's youth organization
  • MUF, the station code of the Manchester United Football Ground railway station
  • IATA code for Muting Airport, Indonesia
  • muf - a group of artists and architects specialising in public realm design based in London
  • Material Unaccounted For, unnacounted for nuclear material

muf is a collaborative of artists, architects and urban designers based in London, England, specialising in the design of the urban public realm to facilitate appropriation by users.