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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Lion's tail \Li"on's tail`\ (l[imac]"[u^]nz t[=a]l`) n. (Bot.) A genus of labiate plants ( Leonurus); -- so called from a fancied resemblance of its flower spikes to the tuft of a lion's tail. Leonurus Cardiaca is the common motherwort.


Mugwort \Mug"wort`\, n. [AS. mucgwyrt. Cf. Midge.] (Bot.) A somewhat aromatic composite weed ( Artemisia vulgaris), at one time used medicinally; -- called also motherwort.


n. Any of several perennial plants, of the genus ''Leonurus'', used in traditional medicine to help with childbirth or treat uterine disorders. (from 13th c.)


n. bitter Old World herb of hedgerows and woodland margins having toothed leaves and white or pale pink flowers [syn: Leonurus cardiaca]

Usage examples of "motherwort".

I suggested an herb called motherwort to calm her nerves and to help her sleep.

He prepared a mild sedative - a tincture of blue cohosh and motherwort - and gave it to her to gentle down some of her worse fits of grief.

The grasses, cattails, and motherwort were bowed, and the water was still.

Hardy stalks of motherwort, with their tiny pink flowers, grew in thick clumps.

Motherwort is usually given in warm infusion, in suppression of the menses from cold.