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Morano may refer to:a erroneous phonetic pronunciation at Elis Island which actually could have been Murano

  • The Marranos or “Secret Jews” of the Iberian peninsula, who maintained a private religious identity behind a façade of Catholicism
  • Morano sul Po, a place in the north-western Italian province of Alessandria
  • Morano Calabro, a place in the southern Italian province of Cosenza
  • Morano (publishing house)
  • Nadine Morano, French politician (born 1963)
  • Marc Morano, American climate change skeptic and journalist
Morano (publishing house)

Morano is an Italian publishing house which was founded in Naples in 1849.

Born during a difficult period in the history of Naples, it performed an important role in the diffusion of culture, publishing the writings of Giambattista Vico, Adolfo Bartoli, Vincenzo Gioberti and, later, above all, those of Francesco de Sanctis and Luigi Settembrini.

The press, directed for a long period by the Neapolitan Antonio Morano (1899–1993), published series in the areas of philosophy, law, and school textbooks.