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Mor or MOR may refer to:

In music:

  • Middle of the road (music), a broad term encompassing a number of musical styles
  • Middle of the Road (band), a Scottish pop group who enjoyed great success across Europe in the early 1970s
  • " M.O.R.", a single by the group Blur

In media:

  • MOR Music TV (Cable TV), a defunct cable music video, shopping channel
  • WMOR-TV, a television station in Lakeland, Florida, United States that uses the "MOR" branding
  • My Only Radio, an FM radio network in the Philippines


  • Mór (given name), a list of people named Mór or Mor
  • Mor (surname), a list of people named Mor or Mór
  • Mor clan, a clan of Jats

In science and technology:

  • Mathematics of Operations Research, a quarterly publication on the mathematics of operations research
  • Mid ocean ridge in geology
  • Model order reduction, a technique used in mathematical simulations
  • Modulus of rupture, in physics
  • Mu opioid receptor, in neuroscience and psychiatry
  • Multipath On-demand Routing, A protocol for wireless ad-hoc networks
  • Mor, a thick upper horizon of acidic, partially decomposed organic matter in a coniferous podzol
  • Mor, a notation in category theory for the morphisms between two objects

In other fields:

  • Mar or Mor, a Syriac title for bishops and saints
  • Battle of Mór, in the Hungarian Revolution of 1848
  • Mór, Hungary, a town
  • Mor River, India
  • Mor language (Papuan)
  • Mor language (Austronesian)
  • Ministry of Railways
  • Museum of the Rockies collection code
  • March on Rome, Benito Mussolini's route to power in 1922

Mór is a town in Fejér County, Hungary. Among the smaller towns in the Central Transdanubia Region of Hungary, it lies between the Vértes and Bakony Hills, in the northwestern corner of Fejér County. The historic roots of the present town go back to the Celtic and Roman period. The town is the economical, institutional and cultural centre of the small region of Mór including 13 settlements. The development of the town began with the arrival of ethnic German settlers and Capuchin monks in 1697.

The Battle of Mór on December 30, 1848 was a crucial victory for the Austrian Empire's forces in crushing the Hungarian Revolution of 1848.

Mór (Irish name)

Mór is a Gaelic- Irish female given name.

Mór (given name)

Mór or Mor is a given name which can be either masculine or feminine. It may refer to:

  • Mór Adler (1826–1902), Hungarian artist
  • Mor Dahan (born 1989), Israeli footballer
  • Mor Diouf (born 1988), Senegalese footballer
  • Mór Jókai (1825–1904), Hungarian dramatist and novelist
  • Mor Karbasi, Israeli singer and songwriter
  • Mor Katzir (born 1980), an Israeli model
  • Mór Kóczán (1885–1972), Hungarian javelin thrower
  • Mór Muman (died 630s?), Irish noblewoman or possibly a goddess
  • Mór Than (1828–1899), Hungarian painter
  • Mór Ní Tuathail (c. 1114–1191), Queen-consort of Leinster
  • Mór Perczel (1811–1899), Hungarian landholder, general, and one of the leaders of the Hungarian Revolution of 1848
  • Mor Sæther (1793–1851), Norwegian herbalist
  • Mor Shushan (born 1988), Israeli footballer
  • Mór Ungerleider (1872–1955), Hungarian cafe owner and co-founder of an early film distribution company; the first person to show a film in Hungary

Category:Hungarian masculine given names

Mor (surname)

Mor or Mór is a surname which may refer to:

  • Antonis Mor (c. 1517–1577), Netherlandish portrait painter
  • Caiseal Mór, Australian fantasy novelist
  • Eduard Mor (born 1977), Russian footballer
  • Emre Mor (born 1997), Turkish footballer
  • Rina Mor (born 1956), Israeli model and Miss Universe

Usage examples of "mor".

Slat Mor, Slat Marr, Slat Beag, the Cailliach of the Rocks, and four badachs.

I have killed Slat Mor, Slatt Marr, Slatt Beag, the Cailliach of the Rocks and her four badachs, and likewise the Black Bull of the Brown Wood.

Amadan of the Dough, and I have killed Slat Mor, Slat Man, Slat Beag, the Cailliach of the Rocks and her four badachs, the Black Bull of the Brown Woods, the White Wether of the Hill of the Waterfalls, and the Beggarman of the King of Sweden, and before night I will have killed the Silver Cat of the Seven Glens.

Enter Magee Mor Matthew, a rugged rough rugheaded kern, in strossers with a buttoned codpiece, his nether stocks bemired with clauber of ten forests, a wand of wilding in his hand.

Far away on the other side of the continent, on the Forbidden Isle of Orinoco, Mors Ambulans, Despot of the Doldrums, played host to a group of his fellow despots.

Mors Ambulans of The Doldrums, the hated Warl Ord of Renigard, and Utan, the detestable Orang of Turlang, would be there -- for not even such as these might with impunity say Trun the Warlock nay.

Bollux was just finishing loading the lifeboat with guidance components-shielded circuitry rather than those damned fluidics provided from his own repair shops by the Mor Glayyd.

Mors Janua Vitae Therefore to whom turn I but to Thee, the ineffable Name?

Mors Kajak, her father, and Tardos Mors, her grandfather, took command of two mighty expeditions, and a month ago sailed away to explore every inch of ground in the northern hemisphere of Barsoom.

I, Zat Arras, Jed of Zodanga, appreciating the royal connections of the prisoner and his past services to Helium and Barsoom, grant a respite of one year, or until the return of Mors Kajak, or Tardos Mors to Helium.

The loss of Dejah Thoris was still fresh in the minds of all, and to this was added fear for the safety of Tardos Mors and Mors Kajak, as well as doubt and uncertainty as to the fate of Helium, should it prove true that she was permanently deprived of her great Jeddak.

Here again was a throne offered me, since no word had been received from the missing Jeddak of Helium, Tardos Mors, grandfather of Dejah Thoris, or his son, Mors Kajak, Jed of Helium, her father.

Tardos Mors, Jeddak of Helium, and Mors Kajak, his son, for no other spot upon Barsoom has remained unexplored by the many expeditions and the countless spies that have been searching for them for nearly two years.

I asked him if he had heard of the fate of Mors Kajak or Tardos Mors he shook his head, saying that he never had heard of their being prisoners here, though he was very familiar with the reputations and fame they bore in the outer world.

Now a panel crashed inward upon the floor, and Mors Kajak sprang to the opening to defend the way until we should have time to release the others.