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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Honesty \Hon"es*ty\, n. [OE. honeste, oneste, honor, OF. honest['e], onest['e] (cf. F. honn[^e]tet['e]), L. honestas. See Honest, a.]

  1. Honor; honorableness; dignity; propriety; suitableness; decency. [Obs.]

    She derives her honesty and achieves her goodness.

  2. The quality or state of being honest; probity; fairness and straightforwardness of conduct, speech, etc.; integrity; sincerity; truthfulness; freedom from fraud or guile.

    That we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.
    --1 Tim. ii. 2.

  3. Chastity; modesty.

    To lay . . . siege to the honesty of this Ford's wife.

  4. (Bot.) Satin flower; the name of two cruciferous herbs having large flat pods, the round shining partitions of which are more beautiful than the blossom; -- called also lunary and moonwort. Lunaria biennis is common honesty; Lunaria rediva is perennial honesty.

    Syn: Integrity; probity; uprightness; trustiness; faithfulness; honor; justice; equity; fairness; candor; plain-dealing; veracity; sincerity.


Lunaria \Lunaria\ prop. n. A small genus of European herbs of the mustard family, including the herb honesty ( Lunaria annua), which is also called moonwort and lunary.

Syn: genus Lunaria.


n. 1 A small fern, (taxlink Botrychium lunaria species noshow=1) ((vern: lesser moonwort)); later, any member of the genus. (from 15th c.) 2 (context now US UK regional English) honesty, (taxlink Lunaria annua species noshow=1) ((vern: greater moonwort)). (from 16th c.)


n. of America and Eurasia and Australia [syn: common moonwort, Botrychium lunaria]

Usage examples of "moonwort".

The Moonwort is said to possess similar vulnerary virtues to Adder's Tongue.

Daniel picked one up and read it: “Mule fern, panic-grass, hartstongue, adderstongue, moonwort, sea novelwort, wrack, Job’s-tears, broomrope, toothwort, scurvy-grass, sowbread, golden saxifrage, lily of the valley, bastard madder, stinking ground-pine, endive, dandelion, sowthistle, Spanish picktooth, purple loose-strife, bitter vetch.