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monster truck

n. A large truck designed specifically to perform in monster truck shows, typically based on a lifted pickup truck with oversized wheels and modified suspension.

Monster truck

A monster truck is a vehicle that was originally just a pickup truck that was modified with a larger suspension and larger tires. Today pickup trucks are still used, however SUV bodies as well as themed trucks are driven and most of the bodies are fiberglass now rather than metal. Themed trucks vary from car bodies, SUV’s and even animal themed. A competition monster truck should meet the guidelines of being 12 feet tall, 12 feet wide and be equipped with 66 inch off-road tires. Monster trucks used to be side acts at popular motocross events and mud bogs but today they are usually the main attraction with the motocross and mud bogging being the complimentary show.

A monster truck show usually involves the trucks crushing smaller cars and flying over large dirt jumps in numerous competitions. These events usually consist of racing, freestyle, donut competitions and wheelie competitions. These trucks can run up and over most man-made barriers, so they are equipped with remote shut-off switches, called the Remote Ignition Interrupter (RII), to help prevent an accident if the driver loses control at any time. The RII works with the trucks computer to allow track officials to shut the truck's engine off in the event the brakes fail or the truck becomes uncontrollable. During freestyle events, only one truck is allowed on the course at a time to ensure safety for both the drivers and fans. Most racing competitions feature two drivers racing each other on symmetrical tracks, with the losing driver being eliminated in a single loss elimination fashion.

In recent years, the freestyle event is the last event of competition. Drivers are free to select their own course around the track and its obstacles. Drivers will often perform doughnuts, wheel stands, large aerial jumps and even backflips during this segment. Historically, additional items for the drivers to crush such as motor homes and school buses were frequently placed on the track specifically for the freestyle event. However, incidences of debris flying into the stands and causing serious injuries have influenced most event promoters to shy away from such frail obstacles. Most freestyle courses now consist of overly large jumps and ramps formed to allow the trucks to get excessive air and explosive wheelies upon landing.

Monster Truck (band)

Monster Truck are a Canadian rock band from Hamilton, Ontario. After the release of two EPs, their debut album Furiosity was released on Dine Alone Records on May 28, 2013 and distributed on Universal. The band's second studio album entitled Sittin' Heavy was released on Mascot Records on February 19, 2016. Members include lead singer and bassist Jon Harvey, guitarist Jeremy Widerman, keyboardist Brandon Bliss and drummer Steve Kiely.

Monster Truck's 2011 EP The Brown EP found success for them in Canada. The single "Seven Seas Blues" charted in the top ten of the both the active rock airplay chart and the alternative rock airplay chart in the spring of 2012.

The band won the 2013 Juno Award for Breakthrough Group of the Year. They played the Download Festival in 2013 and supported Vista Chino on their European tour in October and November 2013. The band started recording the Sittin' Heavy album in January 2015 after touring with Alice in Chains, opening for them on their Canada/United States North American 2014 tour.

Their track "Sweet Mountain River" was included in Ubisoft's music game Rocksmith 2014, "Seven Seas Blues" in EA Sports' NHL 13, and "Old Train" was used in an episode of Orphan Black, "Variable and Full of Perturbation". The first single from their second studio album was released on October 19, 2015, a track called "Don't Tell Me How to Live". A song, "The Enforcer", was also available only when pre-ordering the album. Their song "Righteous Smoke" is to be featured in EA Sports' '' NHL 17

Monster Truck (disambiguation)

A monster truck is a custom-built vehicle with greatly oversized wheels.

Monster Truck or Monster Trucks may refer to

  • Monster Truck (band), A Canadian rock band
  • Monster Trucks (film), an action film scheduled to be released in 2017
  • "Monster Trucks", a 2001 episode of Modern Marvels
  • "Monster Truck", a 2001 episode of Scrapheap Challenge
  • "Monster Trucks", a 2006 episode of Police Camera Action!
  • "Monster Trucks", a 2008 episode of America's Toughest Jobs
  • Dark Haul, a 2014 TV movie starring Tom Sizemore, also known as Monster Truck
  • Rolling Vengeance, a 1987 exploitation film also known Monster Truck

Usage examples of "monster truck".

The one thing they valued him for - that gave him potential status as a human being in their eyes - was his monster truck: 454 cubic inches of V-8 power, double wheels on the rear axle, a thick black roll bar brandishing great mesh-covered Stalag 17 searchlights that could pick out a shrew on a rock in a midnight windstorm across two miles of chaparral.

He'd be a headliner when Randall was cavorting around in a wheelchair instead of that monster truck.

A monster truck's fat tire, near enough for me to feel its black heat on my face, bulged and quivered.

Beyond the usual Elvis Shrine, clusters of monster truck aficionados sweated under their beloved vehicles, preparing for a rally at a nearby offroad course.