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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ As long as political parties are utterly dependent on monied donors, ordinary folks are unlikely to get in the gates.
▪ Everyone could feel the abnormal strains that were now racking the monied world.
▪ He must have been a monied gentleman because it was a marvellous house.
▪ He was going to pick them up out of the gutter and establish them in the monied world where he knew they belonged.
▪ High-priced scotch will more likely remain an investment in finer living, and not just for the monied class.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Moneyed \Mon"eyed\, adv.

  1. Supplied with money; having money; wealthy; as, moneyed men. [Also spelled monied.]

  2. Converted into money; coined.

    If exportation will not balance importation, away must your silver go again, whether moneyed or not moneyed.

  3. Consisting in, or composed of, money.
    --A. Hamilton.


a. 1 affluent 2 payed for, funded


adj. based on or arising from the possession of money or wealth; "moneyed interests" [syn: moneyed] [ant: moneyless]

Usage examples of "monied".

In the late reign he had by dint of speaking decisively to every question, by boldly impeaching the conduct of the tory ministers, by his activity in elections, and engaging as a projector in the schemes of the monied interest, become a leading member in the house of commons.

Let us suppose you can afford to give with your daughter ten thousand pounds, which would enable this young man to live with credit and reputation, and engage advantageously in trade, for which you say he is well qualified, the alternative then will be, whether you would rather see her in the arms of a deserving youth whom she loves, enjoying all the comforts of life with a moderate fortune, which it will always be in your own power to improve, or tied for life to a monied man whom she detests, cursing her hard fate, and despising that superfluity of wealth, in spite of which she finds herself so truly wretched.

I admire about the old monied classes, and she takes care of the people who work for her.

The monied nobility drew their income from a wide variety of sources which included rents and profits from landed estates, government bonds and debt notes and urban real estate.

There had once been a belief abroad that he was ruined, but they who interest themselves in such matters had found out,--or at any rate believed that they had found out,--that he paid his tailor regularly: and now there prevailed an opinion that Ferdinand Lopez was a monied man.

And the threats he saw to the country: "The internal intrigues of our monied and landed and slaved aristocracies are and will be our ruin.

The body of confiscators, true to that monied interest for which they were false to every other, have found the clergy competent to incur a legal debt.

He made it quite clear that as long as there is no democratic control of the workplace, of the banking institutions and monied incorporations, there will be only the most limited democracy.

The owners, a government junior minister and his monied wife, were taking a spring holiday in the Bahamas.

The man and woman of 139 East Seventy-first belonged to the room down the hall, just as that room belonged in the brownstone, all a part of the quiet, monied, tree-lined street.

Not a kilometer away was the other side of the coin, where the new rich-the sons and daughters of the old monied class-strolled, dressed in the latest Fila and Ellesse tennis togs, swinging Prince Graphite racquets over their shoulders, splurging between sets at the trendiest boutiques.