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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Go over and show momma that.
▪ His momma provided it for him whenever he wanted it.
▪ His momma, wherever she be, done lost him for all time.
▪ Just like a momma or a daddy picks up a little baby.
▪ The LaRue home had no furniture, only milk cartons and fruit crates that his momma got from the Reliance Market.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1884, American English variant of mamma (q.v.). As a biker's girlfriend or female passenger, from 1950s.


n. 1 (context US colloquial English) mother 2 (context slang English) voluptuous woman 3 (context slang English) wife or girlfriend


n. informal terms for a mother [syn: ma, mama, mamma, mom, mommy, mammy, mum, mummy, mater]


Momma is an American comic strip by Mell Lazarus (1927-2016) that debuted on October 26, 1970. Initially distributed by the Publishers-Hall Syndicate, it later was handled by Creators Syndicate and published in more than 400 newspapers worldwide.

Although Lazarus based the character on his own mother, when he showed it to her, she thought the character was based on his aunt, exclaiming, “You caught Aunt Helen to a tee!”

Creators Syndicate announced Momma's (and Mell Lazarus') death July 10, 2016 in a comic strip memorial that included other grieving comic strip characters.

Usage examples of "momma".

Vega bucked and boomed and Momma twisted, snarling, only three feet from Jenny, her rear legs tensing for the killing leap.

What warning did the little genius have that her first stop beyond the olfactory heaven that Momma created would lead in a few frantic blinks straight to sheer rot, sheer animal rutting, to spiritual as well as physical debauchery, to the present moment, when she dared not show her shamed face to the world, not even to lifelong friendsespecially to lifelong friends?

Yes, Brice Mack reflected solemnly, running his tongue over his teeth, cleansing them of the acrid taste of coffee, Momma sat shivah for Poppa, as he had sat shivah for Momma.

The blinds were sturdily constructed of sealed rla wood, strong enough, though in truth any Great Big Momma Snake could have knocked one into splinters with its powerful snout.

Momma bear with only one cub, and I square myself inside the door and wait for her to indicate my next move.

And we can't ask Big Momma without tipping our hand and maybe losing the fans' help.

I thought about going back to the Blue Bottle to check him out but couldn't bring myself to go nose to nose with Big Momma again.

What's gonna happen to those little chirren when all the world sees what they momma just put on that minivan a hers?

Of course, they were grandmas or mommas when they came, but it won't be long before people have enough land credits to get their land rights.

But you needed someone there to look after your momma and grandmom so you could go out into the world and become all that you are now.

She only hoped it was not delayed, because she was coming to the point, with Momma and the Grove, and the job at the Steak House, when she would lose her cool completely.

She busted half a dozen eggs into her greased spider and got to scrambling them, along with some chopped-up wild onion grass, as she told him how her homesick momma had brought her back to the old Santee Agency at Redwood Falls, only to find Wasichu, many Wasichu, living there now.

Smartest momma of any they knew but they'd outfoxed her 'cause naturally they came back to Peach Tree Creek to play, year following year.

What if her momma had come back with a message in a vision, like her grandmother always prophesized about?

There was a sewing table with a light where Carrie sometimes made dresses in the evening while Momma tatted doilies and talked about The Coming.