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Molinos can refer to:

  • Jacques Molinos (1743-1831), French architect
  • Miguel de Molinos (1628–96), Spanish theologian and mystic
  • Molinos (TransMilenio), a railway station in Bogotá, Colombia
  • Molinos, Chile, a village in the Arica and Parinacota Region
  • Molinos, Jauja, seat of Molinos District, Peru
  • Molinos, Salta, a village and rural municipality in Salta Province, northwestern Argentina
  • Molinos, Teruel, a municipality in Maestrazgo comarca, province of Teruel, Aragon, Spain
  • Molinos de Duero, a municipality in the province of Soria, Castile and León, Spain
  • Molinos District, one of thirty-four districts of the province Jauja in Peru
Other uses
  • Molinos, an award-winning musical album by The Paperboys, or its title track and lead single
  • Molinos Río de la Plata, an Argentine branded food products company
Molinos (album)

Molinos is the third studio album by Canadian worldbeat/ Celtic rock band The Paperboys. After the success of their second album Late as Usual (1994), Neill Burnett and Moritz Behm left the band and were replaced by Shannon Saunders and Shona LeMotte, both of whom came from musical families and had been steeped in Celtic and bluegrass traditions for years. After a tour of the United States, flutist Hanz Araki joined the band in 1996. The new members of the band drew the band into an increasingly world music-based direction, and began work on Molinos shortly afterwards.

The band recorded the album at Vancouver's Mushroom Studios with rock producer John Webster in spring and summer 1997. The band tried to create an album that showed the band's disparate musical influences in world music, with the record combining influences from Celtic, bluegrass, Mexican, African, Latin and Eastern European music, but in an effective, radio-friendly way. The band tried to capture the energy and feel of their live shows on the record. The album also contains numerous guest musicians and interjects numerous jigs and reels, both new and traditional, into the band's pop songs.

The album was released by the band's own label Stompy Discs, in association with Stony Plain Records, in October 1997. Two singles were issued from the album, "After the First Time" and "Molinos". The latter became the band's most commercially successful song, with it and its music video being picked up on radio and video stations, although most notably, adult album alternative station in Seattle called The Mountain added the single to their playlist, and as such proved very popular with its listeners, with attenders of the band's Seattle concerts tripling. The album itself received critical acclaim, with critics complimenting its musical style, songs, influences and production. In 1998, Molinos won the Juno Award for "Best Roots and Traditional Album" and the West Coast Music Award for "Best Roots Recording".

Usage examples of "molinos".

He would not talk of it, insisted that the wound was not the result of any noble action at all, and beyond learning that it had been incurred at the affair of Arroyo del Molinos upon the twenty-eighth day of October, and that he had been lying in hospital ever since (which Lady Albinia and Mrs.