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n. (context music English) A music genre that blends Western pop music with traditional folk music or world music.


Worldbeat is a music genre that blends Western pop music or rock music with world, traditional, or folk music influences. Worldbeat is similar to other cross pollination labels of contemporary and roots genres, and which suggest a rhythmic, harmonic or textural contrast between its modern and ethnic elements.

Worldbeat (album)

Worldbeat is a 1989 album recorded by Kaoma. It was the band's debut album and provided three hit singles, two of them achieving success worldwide: " Lambada", " Dançando Lambada" and "Mélodie d'amour". The album is composed of songs in Portuguese, Spanish and English. It was ranked in the top 25 in Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Australia and Austria. It topped the Billboard Latin Pop in the U.S.

The album generally received positive reviews from critics. Allmusic said about Worldbeat: "Not outstanding but definitely appealing, this CD effectively combines South American elements with dance music/disco, reggae and hip-hop. One hears Chic's influence on the funky "Sopenala.""