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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ And very often an indefinite article possibly with some er a noun phrase with some modifier.
▪ In these, the modifier is the selector, and hence presupposes certain traits of the head.
▪ Normal saving throw modifiers apply: -2 at short range and -1 at long range.
▪ Or between a misplaced modifier and a logical sentence.
▪ The child in due course in new contexts uses the modifier with substantives, thereby expressing his desires more clearly.
▪ There are no dangling participles or misplaced modifiers.
▪ You will need to think carefully about modifiers for wearing a mask.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Modifier \Mod"i*fi`er\, n.

  1. One who, or that which, modifies.

  2. (Gram.) A word or phrase that modifies another word, phrase, or sentence, usually by limiting the scope or restricting the meaning of the sentence element modified.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1580s, agent noun of modify. Grammatical sense is from 1865.


n. 1 One who, or that which, modify. 2 (context grammar English) A word, phrase, or clause that limits or qualify the sense of another word or phrase.

  1. n. a content word that qualifies the meaning of a noun or verb [syn: qualifier]

  2. a moderator who makes less extreme or uncompromising

  3. a person who changes something; "an inveterate changer of the menu" [syn: changer]

  4. a gene that modifies the effect produced by another gene [syn: modifier gene]


Modifier may refer to:

  • Grammatical modifier, a word that modifies the meaning of another word or limits its meaning
    • Compound modifier, two or more words that modify a noun
    • Dangling modifier, a word or phrase that modifies a clause in an ambiguous manner
  • Modifier key, a kind of key on a computer keyboard that changes the semantics of other keys (e.g., the Shift key)
  • Car tuner, one who modifies the performance or appearance of a vehicle.

Usage examples of "modifier".

Spire likes to throw at us - the modifiers will give us an edge that we lacked previously.

They reshaped them, configuring the topology to enhance mathematical prowess, which took us onto a plateau beyond what the neural modifiers had been capable of doing.

Earth and once the boost modifiers had been powered up, it would be impossible to reignite them.

A present or past participle with accompanying modifiers, objects, or complements.

It had been a generation before anyone found a way to disable it, and by then other transgenic modifiers had been released into the population, and there was no going back.

Grantville glass companies can make glass production more predictable by purifying the silica and the glass modifiers, so that the glassmakers know just how much of each ingredient they are adding to the melt.

Will is a modifier capable of altering the spatiotemporal activity of the neuronal network by exerting fields of analogue-predilection that become effective via the reactive properties of the vital cortex.

EC chart gives you an indication of whether their attitudes can be changed, and what types of modifiers might be most effective.

The coefficients indicated in red are modifiers that would be fixed for a given species, but the dominant factors are the general ones shown in green.

Spire likes to throw at us - the modifiers will give us an edge that we lacked previously.

In a twist on the usual plagiarism-situation, the hardest work for Struck here is going to be sanitizing the prose in this Wild Conceits guy's thing, or at least bringing the verbs and modifiers down out of the like total ozone, which the Academese here on the wrhole sounds to Struck like the kind of foam-flecked megalograndiosity he associates with Quaaludes and red wine and then the odd Preludin to pull out of the grandiose nosedive of the Quaaludes and red wine.

Even as he spoke, he realized that he hadn’t put any modifiers or conditionals in.

The Old Man's quarters, however, as befitted a VIP suite, had individual gravity modifiers and atmospheric controls, enabling flag officers and distinguished guests to select any preferred environmental condition, from the Breen Asteroidal Swarm frigid wasteland to Vulcan high desert.

For the moment, all the structuresrow upon row of domes and tiered prisms, broad expanses of farm belt, large community centers like inverted cupswere translucent or white, but soon organic paints and textural modifiers would be layered over them, coloring and sculpting.

Sentences diagrammed on the blackboard: beware the misplaced modifier.