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n. (plural of mix English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: mix)

Mixes (Kylie Minogue album)

Mixes is the fourth remix album by Australian recording artist Kylie Minogue. It was released on 3 August 1998, by Deconstruction Records. The album contains remixes of tracks from her sixth studio album, Impossible Princess (1997). The remixes were done by DJs such as Brothers in Rhythm, Junior Vasquez, and Todd Terry. The remixes was influenced by various genres of dance music, such as electronica and dance-pop. The album was originally scheduled for a 1999 release, but Deconstruction pre-poned the release date of Mixes in the United Kingdom to August 1998, since the Australian counterpart, Impossible Remixes (1998), had been released earlier than its original date. With favourable critical reception, Mixes charted in the United Kingdom at number sixty-three on the UK Albums Chart, her highest remix album at the time. The Brothers in Rhythm remix of " Too Far" was released as a promotional single in the UK and North America.

Mixes (Transvision Vamp album)

Mixes is a 1992 remix album by the British band Transvision Vamp that was released on the MCA Records label in Japan on CD only. The album contains extended and remixed versions that originally appeared on a variety of formats together with exclusive mixes and rare US promotional releases.

The twenty page booklet contains an essay in Japanese and the lyrics in both Japanese and English.

Usage examples of "mixes".

For the layers, she mixes together soy hamburger crumbles, a good tomato sauce filled with mushrooms and finely chopped vegetables, low-fat mozzarella cheese, and non-fat ricotta cheese made even tastier by a good infusion of pesto.

Wanting to be neighborly, Slim planned to whip up a chocolate cake from one of his box mixes and carry it across the overgrown field that stretched between her place and his.

Crystal began looking through the cluttered cupboards to see what cake mixes were left.

As he rubs, her smallness mixes with the absolute bigness naked women have.

A button is off on her blouse and the sallow curve of breast into the bra mixes with her hot breath in his ear.

By the action of currents and eddies and by the rapid diffusion of gas particles, the air from the outside mixes with that in the alveoli and comes in contact with the membranous walls.