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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ A Bible, an old mass missal, a Bums, and a tattered paperback, a Mills & Boon.
▪ A small breeze licked at the pages of the missal.
▪ Athelstan closed the missal, all thoughts of Pike the ditcher and his family cleared from his head.
▪ He thought of little Rosamund and went to the high altar where the great missal lay.
▪ She stared at her lap where her hands, gloved in tight white net, gripped her missal.
▪ This time the subject was the rubrics of the Roman missal and the form of the Holy Saturday vigil.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Missal \Mis"sal\, n. [LL. missale, liber missalis, from missa mass: cf. F. missel. See 1st Mass.] The book containing the service of the Mass for the entire year; a Mass book.


Missal \Mis"sal\, a. Of or pertaining to the Mass, or to a missal or Mass book.
--Bp. Hall.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1300, from Old French messel "book of the Mass" (12c.) an ddirectly from Medieval Latin missale, neuter of adjective missalis "pertaining to the Mass," from Late Latin missa "Mass" (see mass (2)).


n. 1 A prayer book 2 A book containing the prayers and responses needed when celebrating the Roman Catholic Mass throughout the year


n. (Roman Catholic Church) a book containing all the prayers and responses needed to celebrate Mass throughout the year


A missal is a liturgical book containing all instructions and texts necessary for the celebration of Mass throughout the year.

Usage examples of "missal".

He was a skilful writer and singer, and he wrote one missal for the High Altar, and three Antiphonaries, and likewise illuminated several books.

In that room, the old withdrawing-room of the Elizabethan wing--where once had been the embroideries, tapestries, and missals of beruffled dames were now books, pamphlets, oak-panels, pipes, fencing gear, and along one wall a collection of Red Indian weapons and ornaments brought back by Miltoun from the United States.

This is the date adopted by the Bollandists, because the ancient missals mark the pericope, Matt.

This is the date adopted by the Bollandists, because the ancient missals mark the pericope, Matt.

The Cardinal spent vast sums in gathering materials for his Mozarabic Missal and the great Complutensian Polyglott.

One of three known copies of the Missal is now owned by the Pierpont Morgan library of New York.

Van Helsing opened his missal and began to read, and Quincey and I followed as well as we could.

The few small windows were open as well, shutters tied back against the wall, but even so at the central lecterns it was dim work for the monks copying missals and lectionaries.

She lived in a city where newsagents are numbered, I suppose, by the thousand, and she must have passed dozens of such shops in her daily shopping excursions, but as far as she was concerned that article on West Highland terriers might as well have been written in a missal stored away in some Buddhist monastery in Eastern Thibet.

On the last page of the missal were also two lines, written in a tremulous hand, probably a short time previous to his death: "I, nunc anima anceps.

For centuries these confraternities of gondoliers who presided over the ferries, or traghetti, of Venice had been corporations, self-governing, with officers and endowments recognized by the Republic, and with a standard of gondolier morals admirably defined in their codes--those "Mariegole" which were luxuriously bound and printed, with capitals of vermilion, a page here and there glowing like an illuminated missal with the legend of the patron saint of the traghetto, wherein one might read such admonitions as would make all men wiser.

And then the prior of the Augustinian canons at Huntingdon saw it, and ordered a special binding for their great codex, and the sub-prior of Cluny at Northampton wanted his best missal rebound, and so it grew.

It was the Latin missal she'd used when she was a little girl-the cover was simulated pearl, and there was a golden crucifix on it.

He turned a significant look to the dialogue coach, who padded up to him dutifully and proffered his open script like an aging altar boy the missal to his priest at solemn Mass.