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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Steber's age, widely misreported throughout her career, was 76.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Misreport \Mis`re*port"\, v. t. & i. To report erroneously; to give an incorrect account of.


Misreport \Mis`re*port"\, n. An erroneous report; a false or incorrect account given.
--Denham. South.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1400, from mis- (1) + report (v.). Related: Misreported; misreporting.


vb. (cx transitive English) To report erroneously; to give an incorrect account of.

Usage examples of "misreport".

About my father fighting charges that he misreported the funds used to finance an election campaign.

The occasion was a speech delivered by Canning, and the sentence which he was said to have misreported was to the effect that the subject had never been under the consideration of the Cabinet above five minutes.

And this last address became the name of the committee, now an established association, formed by a group of people who believe that human life must be respected, that the right to express your opinion and demonstrate as embodied in the Italian Constitution must be defended, that the true facts about what happened in Genoa in July 2001 must be made known and that all misreporting, censorship, and omissions in the information given out about Genoa must be denounced.

Counteracting misreporting is impossible, as we saw with the coverage of the forensic reports, with all the leaked information from uncorroborated sources, partial truths and sensationalism.

Just in this same manner, are many slate-writing and other phenomena misreported, and hence an explanation of the seance, AS REPORTED, is rendered impossible.

A conspiracy by some group to ensure that environmental data for agricultural worlds is misreported or misrepresented.

It was the custom, he said, to send reporters to all the socialist meetings, for the express purpose of misreporting and distorting what was said, in order to frighten the middle class away from any possible affiliation with the proletariat.

He especially remembered the strategic issues so often misreported by journalists, both print rind electronic: MIRVs and missiles, and throw weight, and ABM systems that had supposedly threatened to upset the balance of power.