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Misled \Mis*led"\, imp. & p. p. of Mislead.


Misle \Mi"sle\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Misled; p. pr. & vb. n. Misling.] [Prop. mistle, fr. mist. Cf. Mistle, Mizzle.] To rain in very fine drops, like a thick mist; to mizzle; to drizzle. [archaic]


Mislead \Mis*lead"\ (m[i^]s*l[=e]d"), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Misled (m[i^]s*l[e^]d"); p. pr. & vb. n. Misleading.] To lead into a wrong way or path; to lead astray; to guide into error; to cause to mistake; to deceive.

Trust not servants who mislead or misinform you.

To give due light To the mislead and lonely traveler.

Syn: To delude; deceive. See Deceive.


vb. (en-past of: mislead)

  1. v. lead someone in the wrong direction or give someone wrong directions; "The pedestrian misdirected the out-of-town driver" [syn: misdirect, misguide, lead astray]

  2. give false or misleading information to [syn: misinform]

  3. [also: misled]


See mislead

Misled (Celine Dion song)

"Misled" is the third single from Celine Dion's album The Colour of My Love. It was released in March 1994.

The song was remixed by: Marc Kinchen (MK), Richie Jones, Shedrick Guy (The Groove) and Eric Miller (E-smoove).

Live versions of "Misled" can be found on The Colour of My Love Concert DVD (1995), Live à Paris DVD (1996) and Live in Memphis VHS (1998).

The music video was directed by Randee St. Nicholas (1994), and included on Dion's DVD video collection All the Way… A Decade of Song & Video (2001) and on the UK enhanced CD single of " A New Day Has Come." It alternates between scenes of Dion performing in a club, posing in front of a mirror and in a bathtub, and quarreling with a lover.

"Misled" topped the Hot Dance Club Play chart in the United States for 2 weeks. It was Dion's first number 1 on that chart, until 14 years after, when remixes of " Taking Chances" reached the same position, becoming Dion's second number 1 single on this chart. "Misled" reached top 10 in Canada (number 4), and top 40 in the United Kingdom (number 15), United States (number 23 on the Billboard Hot 100), and New Zealand (number 31). "Misled" reached number 40 in April 1994 in the United Kingdom and later in November 1995 it was re-released and peaked at number 15.

"Misled" won the BMI Pop Award for Most Performed Song in the United States.

The song was included later on the European edition of My Love: Ultimate Essential Collection in 2008.

Misled (Kool & the Gang song)

"Misled" is a song by American R&B group Kool & the Gang taken from their album, Emergency. The song takes influence from rock and pop music. The song reached number ten on the US Billboard Hot 100.


Misled may refer to:

  • "Misled" (Celine Dion song)
  • "Misled" (Kool & the Gang song)

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Usage examples of "misled".

It probably misled her, as if he had good news to tell, and even though that was a lie, he could not alter it.

Other men with little of this faculty, but with only so much of it as will enable them to imitate the tones and gestures of some admired actor, are misled by their vanity into the belief that they also are actors, that they also could move an audience as their original moves it.

Beware of Aswydd influences, have none of that house near you, have your food tasted, and do not be misled by plausible villains.

Mort was even misled about the nature of the secret bank account at River National.

You know that I have long enough tried to find work, but I have been misled by the common tendency of the time.

Dick could find no answer except to imagine that his compass had misled him.

We are misled, he argues, by a mere resemblance between the schools and universities of the past and the schools and post-school education of the modern period.

It had been necessary to fight and destroy for ever vast systems of loyalties and beliefs that divided, misled and wasted the energies of mankind.

But the good news is we got half our money back, because they really misled us.

It seems that I have unwittingly misled you for the past fifteen years.

And from their Vow, they learned that they had been misled by Earthpower.

She could not be misled by despair because she did not expect herself to be greater than she was.

Vow which misled the honor of the Bloodguard was made possible by Earthpower.

My red herring had performed its function, but I knew that this particular old hound would not be misled for long before backtracking to the main scent.

I regret to say that I misled him on the subject of our copyright law, which, after all, is not so much more illiberal than that of England as I had thought it.