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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a popular misconception (=a wrong idea that many people have)
▪ There is a popular misconception that the town is at the most northerly tip of the country.
▪ His detailed observations helped to dispel popular misconceptions about the habits and behaviour of the cuckoo.
▪ Leprosy was known to have a long incubation period-a fact considerably at odds with popular misconceptions about instant deformity.
▪ There is a popular misconception that long-stay patients were dumped straight out of mental hospitals on the streets when they were abandoned.
▪ In every chapter, on almost every page, a popular misconception about science is patiently exposed and put right.
▪ Another popular misconception of Darwinian evolution is that its products must be genetically determined because their inheritance depends on genes.
▪ A popular misconception holds that the authority of scripture renders interpretation unnecessary.
labour under a delusion/misconception/misapprehension etc
▪ Well, dear Rex was either lying or labouring under a misapprehension.
▪ Employers seem to share the general misconception that young people are more efficient than older workers.
▪ No, it's not actually true that rail travel is more expensive - that's a misconception.
▪ Another part of the homecoming misconception I had to raze was thinking of this as a joyful time.
▪ His detailed observations helped to dispel popular misconceptions about the habits and behaviour of the cuckoo.
▪ I can not understand how that misconception arose.
▪ I could read faces too well not to be anxious: mockery, misconception, contempt, greed.
▪ Leprosy was known to have a long incubation period-a fact considerably at odds with popular misconceptions about instant deformity.
▪ The first misconception is that legal study at university is exclusively for students who intend becoming solicitors or advocates.
▪ This is a misconception that forest ecologists have for years been at pains to correct, but to little avail.
▪ What's the biggest misconception people have about you?
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Misconception \Mis`con*cep"tion\, n. Erroneous conception; false opinion; wrong understanding.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1660s, from mis- (1) + conception. Related: Misconceptions.


n. a mistaken belief, a wrong idea


n. an incorrect conception [ant: concept]


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Misconception (film)

Misconception is a 2014 documentary film directed by Jessica Yu about population growth. It reveals a world of crisis pregnancy centers.

Usage examples of "misconception".

This brings me to the next major misconception I wish to deal with, which concerns the problem of mistaking symbols for reality itself.

But it is often accompanied by a misconception, namely, that it is necessary for woman to be like man, not only in habits, but in certain physical characteristics.

The notion that the subscriber has a right to interfere in the conduct of the paper, or the reader to direct its opinions, is based on a misconception of what the newspaper is.

The misconception in regard to this has arisen from the fact that under certain regulations paroles are granted before the expiration of the statutory sentence.

But this development, yet in its infancy, and pursued with much crudeness and misconception of the end, is not enough.

The truth is that this movement, based always upon a misconception of equality, so far as it would change the duties of the sexes, is a retrograde.

That unfortunate misconception is the legacy of a smear campaign launched by the early Church.

Luc decided he would find a way to make that misconception work for the benefit of the fishermen.

A common misconception is that birds and bats evolved from pterosaurs, but the differences in the wing show otherwise.

There is a prevalent misconception that rocks and the fossils they encase are usually dated by such means as carbon-14 or radioactive elements found in rocks.

The misconception as to the relation of voluntary attention to interest is seen in an illustration often given as an example of non-voluntary attention.

When the traveller passing by a lone graveyard interprets the tall and slender shrub laden with white blossoms as a swaying ghost, the misconception does not arise from any fault of mere vision, but from the type of former knowledge which the other surroundings of the moment call up, these evidently giving the mind a certain bias in its interpretation of the sensuous, or colour, impressions.

There is here abundant evidence that there exists some strange misconception of the scope of this provision as found in the Fourteenth Amendment.

This was another misconception many people had, assuming that a superman really could leap a mile or pick up a building by one corner or fight invincibly.

But even those outmoded misconceptions, difficult as they are to correct, are not our only serious challenges, Mr.