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The Collaborative International Dictionary

mined \mined\ adj. extracted from a source of supply as of minerals from the earth. [Narrower terms: deep-mined; exploited; strip-mined]


vb. (en-past of: mine)


adj. extracted from a source of supply as of minerals from the earth [ant: unmined]


Mined can refer to:

  • The MinEd text editor
  • Mining
Mined (text editor)

MinEd (pronounced min-ed) is a terminal-based text editor providing extensive Unicode and CJK support, available under the GPL.

Mined is available for Unix and Linux, Windows and DOS systems, and is included in the SUSE, Debian, Cygwin and FreeBSD distributions.

It was the first editor that supported Unicode in a plain- text terminal (like xterm or rxvt).

Usage examples of "mined".

Two tribes, same ancestry, all that, but one of them lived by a great river and tilled the land and mined gold and such from the nearby mountains that served as a barrier separating them from the others.

The implication is that if you are looking for bauxite, a good starting point is to find out where clay is mined for porcelain.

In 1900 Arkansas, bauxite was mined manually, and transported by wagon to the railroad station at Bryant.

United States is the largest producer of bulk mica, but the greater part of the capacitor grade mica is mined in India.

The colonies had been made primarily of materials mined on the moon and transported to the libration points.

Adam felt like saying that he could take care of Poly perfectly well by himself, but at this poult he thought it wiser not to cross the older man who was talking in a quiet but most deter mined way to the Swissair man, who finally smiled and nodded, shook hands with the canon, and then ushered the passengers out into the rain and onto the bus.

Also like Naboo, Tythe had once mined plasma in sufficient quantities to ship offworld.

Need for food had created huge undersea cities and gardens which were umbilicated to these floating islands for purposes of drawing up what the undersea cities mined or raised and for sending down necessities, in turn.

People outside of Pennsylvania do not know that there is all the difference in the world between the two kinds of coal, and in the conditions under which anthracite and bituminous are mined.

As a backup to the recycling systems, each arcology would tow along an asteroid several hundred meters across, to be mined as needed.

A substance made from Tibanna gas, plentiful on the planet Bespin, where it is mined and sold in liquid form as a fuel in Cloud City.

Firstly, a series of enormous halls had been hollowed out of its interior, then a precisely weighed and shaped piece of the matter mined from one of those giant hangars had been aimed with millimetric accuracy and fired at Pittance by the GSV, leaving a small new crater on the surface of the world, exactly as though it had been struck by another, smaller, piece of interstellar debris.

They are found in pyrophyllite, which is mined near the little town of Ottosdal in the Western Transvaal.

Claws restled on broken glass below windows so mined even the mullions were gone.

If at the end of that time we have not mined enough silver ore to make the venture at least promising, then you agree to repay my investment.