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military intelligence
  1. n. an agency of the armed forces that obtains and analyzes and uses information of strategic or tactical military value

  2. information about the armed forces of another country that is useful in planning and conducting military policy or military operations

Military intelligence

Military intelligence is a military discipline that uses information collection and analysis approaches to provide guidance and direction to commanders in support of their decisions. This is achieved by providing an assessment of data from a range of sources, directed towards the commanders' mission requirements or responding to questions as part of operational or campaign planning. In order to provide an analysis, the commander's information requirements are first identified. These information requirements are then incorporated into intelligence collection, analysis, and dissemination.

Areas of study may include the operational environment, hostile, friendly and neutral forces, the civilian population in an area of combat operations, and other broader areas of interest. Intelligence activities are conducted at all levels, from tactical to strategic, in peacetime, the period of transition to war, and during a war itself.

Most governments maintain a military intelligence capability to provide analytical and information collection personnel in both specialist units and from other arms and services. The military intelligence capabilities interact with civilian intelligence capabilities to inform the spectrum of political and military activities.

Personnel selected for intelligence duties may be selected for their analytical abilities and personal intelligence before receiving formal training.

Military Intelligence (Pakistan)

The Directorate for Military Intelligence, known as "Military Intelligence" (MI), is the intelligence arm of the Pakistan Army. It is headquartered at the General Headquarters (Pakistan Army) in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Unlike the Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), the MI is composed entirely of all uniformed Army officers whose primary mission is to determine the Military capability and any other information related to military of the hostile countries. Besides it is also tasked with gathering offensive counter-insurgence intelligence, identifying and eliminating sleeper cells, foreign agents and other anti-state elements within Pakistan, including investigation of military espionage.

Military Intelligence (Czech Republic)

' Military Intelligence' ( Czech; Vojenské zpravodajství (VZ)) is the military intelligence service of the Czech Republic with activities in such fields as Imagery Intelligence ( IMINT), Human Intelligence ( HUMINT), Signal Intelligence ( SIGINT), Open Sources Intelligence ( OSINT). The agency also procures intelligence from co-operation with two or more intelligence agencies at a time. While Military Intelligence activities are directed all around the world, most activities are focused on so called "crisis regions" such as the Balkans, the Middle East, Afghanistan – Pakistan, Commonwealth of Independent States and Africa. In the past, Military Intelligence has cooperated with several intelligence agencies such as Security Information Service, Office for Foreign Relations and Information, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Police of the Czech Republic, General Customs Directorate.

Czech Military Intelligence also predicted the annexation of Crimea and development of Ukraine. Military Intelligence also reported that Russia is trying to change the internal political situation in post-Soviet states where the most successful change was in Ukraine.

Usage examples of "military intelligence".

Although during the Iran-Iraq War the regime conscripted millions of Shi'ah, they were kept out of sensitive areas within the armed services (such as military intelligence), and few Shi'ite officers made it to the higher levels of command.

You'd only just met me for the first time, but you knew from Kesselring's military intelligence chief, through your pal Admiral Canaris, that I was their top double agent.

It doesn't need saying, surely, that in any mission, whatever the objective, whatever the target, the one primordial requirement is to stay clear of the opposition, particularly if the opposition is not a private cell but the entire security network of the host country: police, secret police, civil and military intelligence.

A bank of state-of-the-art notebook computers tracked the latest regional intelligence feeds and periodic updates from the Mossad (Is rael's equivalent of the CIA), Shin Bet (their equivalent of the FBI), and Aman (Israeli military intelligence).

To gather and redistribute data efficiently and effectively was, to him, the epitome of the military intelligence field.

After all, accurate military intelligence was half the battle and good orders were the other half.

On the anti-invasion side were Defense Minister Chaim Modine and Brigadier General Yoni Barak, head of Aman, Israeli military intelligence.

At ten past midnight (after a half hour of haggling with the night operator) he managed to get a direct line to Washington DC and put in a call to headquarters military intelligence at the War Department.

Prove to me that military intelligence is not a contradiction in terms.

I sit in with Military Intelligence when they vet any soldiers to be transferred here.

The bureau, run by a smattering of former military intelligence personnel, interrogated him thoroughly before issuing him temporary papers to the effect he was now a member of the Free French.

They'll be accompanied and guarded by a military intelligence team.