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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a mighty river (=very big and impressive)
▪ Cairo sits at the mouth of the mighty river Nile.
mighty warriors
▪ Above all we give thanks to thee for that thou art mighty.
▪ Ah, the roar of nations, they roar like the roaring of mighty waters!
▪ But the vehicle itself is the mighty transnational corporation.
▪ Dedicated to All Saints, the church is tucked away behind mighty trees on a high bank of the river.
▪ Denver ran a mighty interference and on the third day flat-out asked Paul D how long he was going to hang around.
▪ The cannon explodes with a mighty crack.
▪ Their only win was a 1-point thriller, at home, over those mighty Minnesota Timberwolves.
high and mighty
▪ Afterward he and Corinne went to the White House for lunch and mingled with the high and mighty of official Washington.
▪ For the high and mighty only appear so because we are on our knees.
▪ You know how it is up there on the throne of clouds occupied by the very high and mighty of communications.
▪ That's a mighty big fish.
▪ You seem mighty sure of it.
▪ Because the inside of the nose is mighty irritated, you involuntarily sneeze to clear it.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Mighty \Might"y\, a. [Compar. Mightier; superl. Mightiest.] [AS. meahtig, mihtig; akin to G. m["a]chtig, Goth. mahteigs. See Might, n.]

  1. Possessing might; having great power or authority.

    Wise in heart, and mighty in strength.
    --Job ix. 4.

  2. Accomplished by might; hence, extraordinary; wonderful. ``His mighty works.''
    --Matt. xi. 20.

  3. Denoting an extraordinary degree or quality in respect of size, character, importance, consequences, etc. ``A mighty famine.''
    --Luke xv. 1

  4. ``Giants of mighty bone.''

    Mighty was their fuss about little matters.


Mighty \Might"y\, n.; pl. Mighties. A warrior of great force and courage. [R. & Obs.]
--1 Chron. xi. 12.


Mighty \Might"y\, adv. In a great degree; very. [Colloq.] ``He was mighty methodical.''

We have a mighty pleasant garden.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English mihtig, earlier mæhtig, from miht (see might (n.)). Similar formation in Old Frisian mechtig, Old Saxon mahtig, Dutch machtig, German mächtig. As an adverb, it is attested from c.1300, though now considered colloquial.


a. 1 Very strong; possessing might. 2 Very heavy and powerful. 3 Accomplished by might; hence, extraordinary; wonderful. 4 (context informal English) excellent, extremely good. adv. (context colloquial English) very; to a high degree. n. Influential, powerful beings.

  1. adv. (Southern regional intensive) very; "the baby is mighty cute"; "he's mighty tired"; "it is powerful humid"; "that boy is powerful big now"; "they have a right nice place" [syn: powerful, right]

  2. [also: mightiest, mightier]

  1. adj. having or showing great strength or force or intensity; "struck a mighty blow"; "the mighty logger Paul Bunyan"; "the pen is mightier than the sword"- Bulwer-Lytton

  2. [also: mightiest, mightier]

Mighty (album)

Mighty is the fifth full-length release from The Planet Smashers. This is the first of two albums featuring drummer Scott Russell, and it is the only Planet Smashers album featuring trombonist J.O. Begin. The second track, "Explosive", features and was co-written by Neville Staple of The Specials. "Interlude" is not listed on the back cover, but the track numbers jump from 12 to 14.

Mighty (card game)

Mighty is a card game invented in the 1970s by Korean college students. Mighty is mostly played by Korean students, and also by some groups in North America. It is usually played by five people, but the number of cards can be modified so that it can be played by anywhere from 4 to 8 players. It is a point-trick game with bidding. It is similar to the card game Spades, but has more rules and, therefore, more strategies in playing. Mighty is also similar to Rook and Japanese Napoleon (not to be confused with British Napoleon).


Mighty may refer to:

  • Mighty (album), an album by the Planet Smashers
  • Mighty (card game), a Korean card game
  • The Mighty, a 1929 American action film
  • The Mighty, a 1998 comedy-drama film
  • The Mighty (comics), a DC Comics title
Mighty (Kristene DiMarco album)

Mighty is the third album from Kristene DiMarco, while it is her first live album. Jesus Culture Music alongside Sparrow Records released the project on July 31, 2015.

Usage examples of "mighty".

For I spake with thee, it is nigh two years agone, when thou wert abiding the coming of our Lady in the castle yonder But now I see of thee that thou art brighter-faced, and mightier of aspect than aforetime, and it is in my mind that the Lady of Abundance must have loved thee and holpen thee, and blessed thee with some great blessing.

The latter of those mighty streams, which rises at the distance of only thirty miles from the former, flows above thirteen hundred miles, for the most part to the south-east, collects the tribute of sixty navigable rivers, and is, at length, through six mouths, received into the Euxine, which appears scarcely equal to such an accession of waters.

Then something actinic and mighty flashed, striking like a fist toward the heart of a great land mass.

A couched spear of acuminated granite rested by him while at his feet reposed a savage animal of the canine tribe whose stertorous gasps announced that he was sunk in uneasy slumber, a supposition confirmed by hoarse growls and spasmodic movements which his master repressed from time to time by tranquilising blows of a mighty cudgel rudely fashioned out of paleolithic stone.

Which fills this vapour, as the aereal hue Of fountain-gazing roses fills the water, Flows from thy mighty sister.

Does it not say that Hu the Mighty, the inventor of husbandry, who brought the Cumry from the summer-country, drew the old afanc out of the lake of lakes with his four gigantic oxen?

Waned the day and I hied me afield, and thereafter I sat with the mighty when daylight was done, But with great men beside me, midst high-hearted laughter, I deemed me of all men the gainfullest one.

The lord on the other side thereof was a mightier man than King Pete, albeit he was a bishop, and a baron of Holy Church.

But she read him the rules from the back pages of the almanac, then set up the board under the spreading branches of a mighty camel-thorn tree.

Mighty chests and almeries hasped and bound with gold stood against the wall, wherein he kept his rich apparel.

Ten minutes afterward we met a hot, red-faced man plunging down the mountain, making mighty strides, swinging his alpenstock ahead of him, and taking a grip on the ground with its iron point to support these big strides.

So I abandoned my original work and began the greater one, even though I had amassed considerable material by that stage and publication would, undoubtedly, have gained me both the fame in the world and the patronage of the mighty which have forever eluded my grasp.

The generators of the mighty battleship roared louder and louder as the mysterious apparatus sucked unimaginable amperage from them.

By mighty Mars, he shall anon be dead That smiteth any stroke, that I may see!

Long after dark, when frogs and crickets had joined the song of the mighty river, Arain came from the temple.