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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
mightily relieved (=greatly relieved)
▪ He was mightily relieved when they won.
▪ Then you see the massive lobbying efforts by those who simultaneously are contributing mightily.
▪ Those digital channels revert to the federal government in 2002 for an auction that will contribute mightily to the balanced-budget plan.
▪ Taylor has struggled mightily to help her daughter.
▪ The country has changed mightily in recent years.
▪ Aenarion rose and smote the daemon mightily, cleaving its head in two and shearing its arm from its body.
▪ Although the emperor was mightily embarrassed when he realized he was parading naked, he preferred knowing the truth.
▪ Among others, the work of two pairs of designers is still mightily influential in California design.
▪ But hardly able to stand such an insult, she returns, mightily testing both his faith and his pocketbook.
▪ Ipswich chief George Burley was mightily relieved after five defeats.
▪ It was mightily impressive bowling by any standards, and with his left hand in plaster it was quite remarkable.
▪ There are others who often do not leave their cars but are mightily impressed without recognising the various summits by name.
▪ Trondur hauled in mightily on the harpoon line.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Mightily \Might"i*ly\, adv. [From Mighty.]

  1. In a mighty manner; with might; with great earnestness; vigorously; powerfully.

    Whereunto I also labor, striving according to his working, which worketh in me mightily.
    --Col. i. 29.

  2. To a great degree; very much.

    Practical jokes amused us mightily.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English mihtiglice; see mighty + -ly (2).


adv. In a mighty manner.

  1. adv. powerfully or vigorously; "he strove mightily to achieve a better position in life"

  2. to a great degree; "rejoiced mightily at the news"

Usage examples of "mightily".

Accordingly Barnaby, seeing that it was required of him to quit the place in which he then lay, arose, though with a good deal of effort, and permitted the negro to help him on with his coat, though feeling mightily dizzy and much put about to keep upon his legs--his head beating fit to split asunder and the vessel rolling and pitching at a great rate, as though upon a heavy cross-sea.

The squabbles over the augurship may not have attained the height of those frightful altercations heard from the house of Celer before he died, but they enlivened the Forum mightily.

The old man was mightily taken with this insinuation, and acknowledged that it would give him pleasure to be a bailie next year.

This was a training technique he knew well, and the dragon trainers were mightily impressed with the ploys that Baken had used so far.

With him were Borak, whom I remembered from our former meeting, and little Taran, and Fido and Bozo, who were both mightily pleased to see me again, and my officer, Kadar.

He quickly acquired ships, too, and by the time the mightily augmented navy of the Doldrums hove off to the Renigard coast, he was fully ready for the next stage in the campaign.

But it was better than being caught below, where the pack of flimmers clustered around the base of the four growths, their air sacs expanding and contracting mightily as they strove to reach the bipedal food that had moved out of their reach.

Wherefore, since supported by the goodness of the aforesaid prince of worthy memory, we were able to requite a man well or ill, to benefit or injure mightily great as well as small, there flowed in, instead of presents and guerdons, and instead of gifts and jewels, soiled tracts and battered codices, gladsome alike to our eye and heart.

Tair could not open his mouth without crowing, and the boy Hok strived mightily to emulate his older brother.

Panting mightily, Jarry reached the third platform, less than a third of the way down.

With the robes and the beard and the knobkerrie and everything, he looked mightily impressive.

Preece had been mightily tempted more than once himself, and Lockram drank more than ever he had in days past.

Thus wound up and bound up, and suffering mightily in the garb of European civilization, Ouk gave himself up to learn how to protect it.

Devlin had done much to strengthen her judgment that he was a crude, inconsiderate boor who boasted mightily of his own prowess, and in this, he had surely proven himself kin to Reland Huxford.

Even her own Seraphim would play their part, though Niriem protested mightily.