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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
microwave cookery (=cooking using a microwave oven)
▪ There are many books on microwave cookery.
▪ This leaves the problem of how to explain the microwave background radiation.
▪ Their cumulative effect would give rise to the microwave background radiation.
▪ That means they would already be exerting their influence by the time the microwave background was born.
▪ As yet, though, the best measurements of the microwave background show none of the tell-tale marks that such flaws would leave.
▪ A related problem is the evenness of the microwave background.
▪ New studies will search for the tiniest blips in the microwave background.
▪ In particular, why is the temperature of the microwave background radiation so nearly the same when we look in different directions?
▪ The influx of energy would help explain the microwave background radiation.
▪ You don't have to spend half a day in a moving microwave oven racing lorries down the autostrada.
▪ Premiums in these charges included microwave ovens and clock radios.
▪ How far is it affected by motivation, by a clear sense of purpose, as with the microwave ovens?
▪ When and where did you buy your microwave oven, and how much did it cost?
▪ Redundant parts were extensively used to ensure reliability, yet the whole unit was little bigger than a large microwave oven.
▪ The suppliers were billed for 154 microwave ovens, the charges said, and Dawe and McGarr split the money.
▪ Today, 2.5 million magnetrons are made each year for the microwave oven market.
▪ Each room will come with a kitchen and microwave oven.
▪ Both the jug and bowl come with lids, and they can be used in the microwave, freezer and dishwasher.
▪ Before opening it, he grudgingly used the microwave to heat a cup of cocoa, then sat at the kitchen counter.
▪ If using a microwave, break the chocolate up and heat on defrost for 3 min.
▪ Some use the microwave part of the electromagnetic spectrum.
▪ Compact models are about the size of a microwave.
▪ If this would otherwise be done leaving food out or in the refrigerator, then the microwave actually adds to energy use.
▪ With a microwave, he calculates, we could get rid of our cook.
▪ This involved grating soap, microwaving it and finally putting it through a food processor.
The Collaborative International Dictionary
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

type of electromagnetic wave, 1931, coined in English from micro- + wave (n.). First record of microwave oven is from 1961; microwave as short for this is attested from 1974; as a verb, from 1976.


n. 1 An electromagnetic wave with wavelength between that of infrared light and radio waves. 2 A microwave oven. vb. (context transitive English) To cook (something) in a microwave oven.


v. cook or heat in a microwave oven; "You can microwave the left-overs" [syn: micro-cook, zap, nuke]

  1. n. a short electromagnetic wave (longer than infrared but shorter than radio waves); used for radar and microwave ovens and for transmitting telephone, facsimile, video and data

  2. kitchen appliance that cooks food by passing an electromagnetic wave through it; heat is produced by the absorption of microwave energy by the water molecules in the food [syn: microwave oven]

Microwave (band)

Microwave is an American post-hardcore band from Atlanta, Georgia. They have supported bands such as The Wonder Years, letlive., Have Mercy, Man Overboard, Tiny Moving Parts, and Motion City Soundtrack They are currently signed to SideOneDummy Records.


Microwaves are a form of electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths ranging from one meter to one millimeter; with frequencies between and . This broad definition includes both UHF and EHF ( millimeter waves), and various sources use different boundaries. In all cases, microwave includes the entire SHF band (3 to 30 GHz, or 10 to 1 cm) at minimum, with RF engineering often restricting the range between 1 and 100 GHz (300 and 3 mm).

The prefix in microwave is not meant to suggest a wavelength in the micrometer range. It indicates that microwaves are "small", compared to waves used in typical radio broadcasting, in that they have shorter wavelengths. The boundaries between far infrared, terahertz radiation, microwaves, and ultra-high-frequency radio waves are fairly arbitrary and are used variously between different fields of study.

There is broad absorption from water vapor from several hundred MHz, increasing in frequency to 40 GHz. Beginning at about 40 GHz, even dry atmosphere becomes less transparent to microwaves, at higher frequencies due to absorption from oxygen. A spectral band structure at even higher frequencies causes absorption peaks at specific frequencies (see graph at right). Above 100 GHz, the absorption of electromagnetic radiation by Earth's atmosphere is so great that it is in effect opaque, until the atmosphere becomes transparent again in the so-called infrared and optical window frequency ranges.

The term microwave also has a more technical meaning in electromagnetics and circuit theory. Apparatus and techniques may be described qualitatively as "microwave" when the frequencies used are high enough that wavelengths of signals are roughly the same as the dimensions of the equipment, so that lumped-element circuit theory is inaccurate. As a consequence, practical microwave technique tends to move away from the discrete resistors, capacitors, and inductors used with lower-frequency radio waves. Instead, distributed circuit elements and transmission-line theory are more useful methods for design and analysis. Open-wire and coaxial transmission lines used at lower frequencies are replaced by waveguides and stripline, and lumped-element tuned circuits are replaced by cavity resonators or resonant lines. In turn, at even higher frequencies, where the wavelength of the electromagnetic waves becomes small in comparison to the size of the structures used to process them, microwave techniques become inadequate, and the methods of optics are used.

Usage examples of "microwave".

There were thin long-wire VLF antennas, conical electronic-countermeasure antennas, spiracle antennas, a microwave antenna on the bow, and whip antennas that extended thirty-five feet.

On the other hand, microwaves were easily generated artificially, and mankind had been doing just that ever since the war.

I suspect that what few nanites Pek has managed to bring back on-line will be assimilated, now that the microwave pulse is nonfunctional and the Ushekti nanites are no longer isolated.

Where the maser was an amplification of generated microwaves, the laser was an amplification of light, and theories about how this might be accomplished were circulating widely throughout the weapons development community even before Bell Labs produced the first maser.

Scott was learning to live with the new Oriental rugs, the microwave, and the expresso maker on the kitchen counter, not to mention the huge entertainment center in the living room.

The generators would compound, then switch the microwaves flowing through magnetron tubes in each of the kitchen ovens.

He was followed by a dietician who was force-fed boiling pabulum until he choked to death, a cook who was microwaved, a carpenter-handyman who was sawed in half, a manicurist who was fatally trimmed, a houri who was impaled.

To the untrained eye, those dark masts were a confusion of bristling antennae combined with a gray, central spherical radome and two six foot microwave dishes on an ominous, boxlike, blank-walled forward superstructure.

To the left was a freestanding food pantry with a microwave, and to the right was a toilet, an exercise treadmill, and a deep clear pool of constantly recirculating water.

The microwave dump system was one of the post-apocalypse retrofits to the orbiter.

The reason was that although scansion was simple enough, it could only take place in the presence of a background microwave radiation.

Shelves lined the walls from floor to ceil ing, and there was a small table and two chairs, and a servery cabinet which held a sink, crockery, cutlery, an electric kettle and a small microwave.

When the microwave beeped and Eliot pulled out the strudel, poor Howie looked from one adult to another, probably hoping someone would somehow break the tension.

I was eleven years old in 2003, and I remember how excited I was when the results from the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe came in.

Meg said, dumping a box of microwave popcorn and a plastic bag of birdseed into the bottom of the grocery cart.