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abbr. (context management English) management alt. (context management English) management


MGT or Mgt may be:

  • Master guide table, included in the Program and System Information Protocol used for providing electronic television programme guides
  • Miles Gordon Technology, British technology company which produced Sinclair ZX Spectrum add-ons
  • Million Gross Tons
  • Mobile Global Title, address used in the SCCP protocol for routing signaling messages to mobile devices on telecommunications networks
  • Multi-gigabit transceiver, serialiser/deserialiser capable of operating at serial bitrates above 1 gigabit/second
  • Magnesium L-threonate, a dietary supplement in humans, intended to boost cognitive functioning.
  • An uncommon abbreviation for management
    • Doctor of Management (D.Mgt.), academic degree awarded on the basis of advanced study and research in management
  • Mongol language (Papua New Guinea), ISO 639-3 code
  • Morgan Guaranty Trust Company, American company formed in 1959 following JP Morgan's purchase of the Guaranty Trust Company of New York
  • Muslim Girls Training, the all-female training program of the Nation of Islam
  • Magnetik Tank, a Loriciels game
  • Mongolia's Got Talent TV Series
  • Mark Thwaite (also known as MGT), English rock guitarist