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Mezentsev (crater)

Mezentsev is a lunar crater that is located in the high northern latitudes on the Moon's far side. It lies just to the west of the smaller Niepce. To the southwest is the larger Stebbins, to the west-southwest is Hippocrates and to the northwest is Heymans.

This is a worn and eroded crater with a low outer rim and a relatively level interior. The circular nature of the rim can still be seen, but a number of impacts lie across the rim and the edge is generally softened and rounded. A smaller, unnamed crater is attached to the southwestern rim, with the satellite crater Mezentsev S laid across the western rim of this feature. The interior floor is roughly level but with some small craterlets marking the surface. The most prominent of these is a fresh, cup-shaped crater in the western half of the interior.

On some maps this crater has been labelled 'Mesentsev'.


Mezentsev is a Russian masculine surname, its feminine counterpart is Mezentseva. It may refer to

  • Dmitry Mezentsev (born 1959), Russian politician
  • Fyodor Mezentsev (born 1989), Kazakhstani speedskater
  • Galina Mezentseva (born 1952), Russian ballerina