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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ They do with every other side - somehow methinks scum will avoid that on the whole.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Methinks \Me*thinks"\, v. impers. [imp. Methought.] [AS. [thorn][=u]hte, OE. me thinketh, me thoughte; akin to G. d["u]nken to seem, denken to think, and E. think. See Me, and Think.] It seems to me; I think. See Me. [R., except in poetry.]

In all ages poets have been had in special reputation, and, methinks, not without great cause.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English me þyncð "it seems to me," from me (pron.), dative of I, + þyncð, third person singular of þyncan "to seem," reflecting the Old English distinction between þyncan "to seem" and related þencan "to think," which bedevils modern students of the language (see think). The two thinks were constantly confused, then finally merged, in Middle English. Related: Methought.


contraction (context archaic or humorous English) It seems to me.

Usage examples of "methinks".

I beseech thee, Cuthbert, that the news came from me, for temperate as Sir Walter is at most times, he would, methinks, give me short shift did he know that the wagging of my tongue might have given warning through which the outlaws of the Chase should slip through his fingers.

Armed men have been coming in all the morning from the castles round, and if it be not against the Baron de Wortham that these preparations are intended, and methinks it is not, it must needs be against the landless men.

You had best, methinks, be off before Sir Walter and his heavily-armed men are here.

The forest, large as it is, will scarce hold you both, and methinks you had best shift your quarters to Langholm Chase until the storm has passed.

We have now but to make a rush up these winding steps, and methinks we shall find ourselves on the battlements.

I would not say aught openly, but methinks it is early indeed for the knights and nobles engaged in a common work to fall to words.

Indeed I doubt if the difference is so great, for if he be a foot taller than I, methinks that round the shoulders I should have the advantage of him.

Once there, we might fasten one or both to our side with grapnels, and then, methinks, that English bill and bow will render us more than a match for Moorish pirates, and one of these craft can scarcely carry more men than we have.

There is a silence which seems to be unnatural, and my courage, like the warmth of my body, is methinks oozing out from my fingers.

After all, methinks that a snowstorm cannot be more dreaded than a sandstorm, and we have faced those before now.

Prince John will make a bold throw for the throne, and, aided as he will be by the pope and by Phillip of France, methinks that his chances are better than those of the young prince.

The baron, too, is hated by his neighbours, and could I inflict a crushing blow upon him, methinks it would be so long a time before he could assemble a force, that I might regain my castle and put it in an attitude of defence before he could take the field against me.

Micah, and also Don Decimo Saxon, late of the Solent, whom methinks I see in the shadow behind you.

I have here mine own old breastplate and head-piece, which should, methinks, fit you, for if you have more flesh than I, I am a larger framework of a man.

But, gentlemen, if this be indeed a prophecy, it should, methinks, bode well for our enterprise.