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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
Blow me down
Blow me down if she didn’t just run off!
common sense tells you/me etc sth
▪ Common sense tells me that I should get more sleep.
Forgive me, but
Forgive me, but I don’t think that is relevant.
forgive me for asking/saying etc sth (also forgive my asking/saying etc)
Forgive me for saying so, but that’s nonsense.
▪ Forgive my phoning you so late.
I'm a Celebrity ... Get me Out of Here!
if my memory serves (me correctly/right) (=used to say that you are almost certain you have remembered something correctly)
▪ If my memory serves me correctly, Johnson was also there.
It depresses me that
It depresses me that nobody seems to care.
it doesn’t surprise me
▪ I didn’t know you two knew each other. Mind you, it doesn’t surprise me.
It gives me great pleasure (=I am very pleased)
It gives me great pleasure to introduce tonight’s speaker.
It was stupid of me
It was stupid of me to lose my temper.
know me from Adam (=she did not know me at all)
▪ She didn’t know me from Adam, but she was really helpful.
me and my big mouth (=said when you wish you had not told someone a secret)
Me neither
▪ ‘I don’t like horror movies.’ ‘Me neither.’
my feet are killing meinformal (= my feet are hurting)
never cease to amaze me (=I am always surprised by them)
▪ The things people will do for charity never cease to amaze me.
see right through me
▪ I can’t bluff – she’d see right through me.
Spare me
▪ ‘They own three houses. One in the country, one in ...’ ‘Spare me.’
that reminds me (=used when something has just made you remember something you were going to say or do)
▪ Oh, that reminds me, I saw Jenny in town today.
that’s a new one on mespoken (= used to say that you have never heard something before)
▪ ‘The office is going to be closed for six weeks this summer.’ ‘Really? That’s a new one on me.’
that’s fine by me/that’s fine with me etcspoken (= used when saying that you do not mind about something)
▪ If Scott wanted to keep his life secret, that was fine by her.
that’s fine by me/that’s fine with me etcspoken (= used when saying that you do not mind about something)
▪ If Scott wanted to keep his life secret, that was fine by her.
The suspense is killing me
▪ What happened next? The suspense is killing me.
the suspense is killing me (=I feel very excited or anxious because I do not know what will happen next)
▪ Come on then, tell me what happened; the suspense is killing me .
What do you take me for? (=what sort of person do you think I am?)
▪ Of course I won’t tell anyone! What do you take me for?
what worries me is .../the (only) thing that worries me is ...
▪ The only thing that worries me is the food. I don’t want to get food poisoning.
what worries me is .../the (only) thing that worries me is ...
▪ The only thing that worries me is the food. I don’t want to get food poisoning.
you don’t/can’t fool me
▪ You can’t fool me with that old excuse.
(even) if it kills me
▪ I'm going to finish this even if it kills me.
(it) beats me
▪ It beats me how these kids can afford to spend so much money on clothes and CDs.
▪ How do you measure such a thing? Beats me.
▪ If he beats me at this game, well, he beats me.
▪ Pretty secluded. Beats me what he does.
▪ There's only one thing beats me.
▪ Though why he wants to call himself a doctor beats me.
▪ Though why the Good Lord didn't strike Durham itself beats me, instead of causing us all this trouble.
▪ Well, I don't fight, he beats me up - it's my fault, I provoke him.
God give me strength!
I'm buggered/bugger me!
It works for me
My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me?
a little bird told me (sth)
allow me
▪ Another of my promotions, if you will allow me to bask a little in his glory.
▪ Civil and commercial litigation allows me to help a client stand up for his rights.
▪ In the meantime, I hope you will allow me and my family a few hours of peace to think about things.
▪ It also allows me to determine the location and scale of a work in context.
▪ Most of them allowed me to use their names.
▪ The other photos on this fantasy book cover are of the people who allowed me to draw portraits of their lives.
▪ This play is allowing me to do what I trained to do.
▪ Will you allow me my conjugal rights?
be with you/me
▪ Anywhere I was with you would be home to me.
▪ At night his song is with me.
▪ He was with me the night I met Jasper.
▪ How compatible will you be with me and the other workers?
▪ I'd wanted Doug to be with me, but he couldn't get the time off.
▪ Our response should therefore be with you in early May.
▪ That's how it was with me and I know it was true for many others.
▪ The monster had promised to be with me on my wedding night, but he had not planned to kill me.
bear with me
Bear with me for a minute while I check our records.
Bear with me for just a couple of minutes while I find my notes.
▪ If you'll just bear with me, I'll explain.
▪ But I hope to learn these soon if anybody will have the goodness to bear with me.
▪ To explain just why, you will have to bear with me while I explain about the naming of modern medical potions.
believe (you) me
▪ No, it's too far to walk, believe me.
▪ And believe me, my wife does not enjoy reminding me twice.
▪ But I could see from the look in his eyes that he did not believe me.
▪ Conrad and Philippa don't believe me, not really.
▪ No, no, believe me, the less she knows of my activities, the better.
▪ Oh, please, you must believe me.
▪ There is nothing to do now but wait, and believe me, midnight seems like a week away.
▪ Those who did believe me offered no solace; only sympathy and empty platitudes.
▪ You think they gon na believe me?
between you and me
Between you and me, I don't think she has a chance of getting that promotion.
Between you and me, I think Elizabeth is a bit of a nightmare.
▪ But - between you and me - he's really past it.
▪ But just between you and me and a few hundred miles, thoughts of ancient spirits still trail closely behind.
▪ C'mon, secretly just between you and me the voice persisted in her head, it would be hard not to.
▪ I wanted everything to start afresh between you and me.
▪ In fact, between you and me, I think she's relieved.
▪ Look, Miranda, he said, those twenty long years that lie between you and me.
▪ This has to stay between you and me.
▪ You know the difference between you and me, Sherman?
between you, me, and the gatepost
blow/blow me/blow it etc
cannot for the life of me
color me surprised/confused/embarrassed etc
correct me if I'm wrong
Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't you say you'd never met him before?
correct me if I'm wrong
do me/us a favour!
do you read me?
▪ I do not want this to happen again! Do you read me?
don't ask me
▪ "How does this thing work?" "Don't ask me!"
don't blame me
▪ Go ahead, but don't blame me if it doesn't work.
don't come the innocent/victim/helpless male etc with me
don't get me wrong
▪ Don't get me wrong - I like Jenny, but she can be a little bossy.
▪ Don't get me wrong, I love my family, I just don't want to be with them all the time.
▪ I like Jenny, don't get me wrong, but I do think she acts a little childishly at times.
don't give me that
don't give me that line
don't make me laugh
▪ "Could you finish this by tomorrow?" "Don't make me laugh."
don't mind me
▪ Oh, don't mind me, I was just thinking out loud.
don't remind me
don't tell me
▪ "We finally made it here." "Don't tell me - you couldn't find your keys."
▪ Don't tell me we're out of milk!
excuse me
Excuse me - I didn't realize there was anyone in here.
Excuse me for a minute. I'll be right back.
Excuse me. I need to get through.
Excuse me. Is this the right bus to the airport?
▪ Oh, excuse me, is that your bag I just stood on?
▪ Oh, excuse me. Did I mispronounce your name?
▪ Oh, excuse me. I didn't know you were standing in line.
▪ Answer, all I know is Sam and Diane were there, was there, excuse me.
▪ If you will excuse me I must get back to lurking.
▪ Oh excuse me, I am.
▪ Well, excuse me, M'Lud, there are other explanations.
excuse me (for living)!
far be it from me to do sth
Far be it from me to tell you what to wear.
forgive me
Forgive me for asking, but how old are you?
Forgive me for saying this, but you really don't look well at all.
Forgive me, I didn't mean to offend you.
▪ And I am almost glad, because now you can forgive me!
▪ But please say you will forgive me.
▪ But, if you will forgive me, perhaps I can just correct you on a couple of points.
▪ I am sure Martha will forgive me for saying that her very presence excites envy from others.
▪ I know that you've never forgiven me for what happened, and I don't blame you, darling.
▪ I must tell you something and you must forgive me.
▪ Mr. Soames I hope that the hon. Gentleman will forgive me if I do not.
▪ Of course - if you will forgive me for saying so - it is a bit stilted in its present form.
fuck me
give me sth (any day/time)
▪ I don't like those fancy French desserts. Give me a bowl of chocolate ice cream any day.
▪ And so this rural scene to which we had escaped gave me a frame of reference to understand my parents.
▪ Half an hour later, I was in a forest eating the bread they had given me.
▪ I gave her your number and told her to give me five minutes to warn you first.
▪ Just give me the one with 80 percent meat, 20 percent filler.
▪ Minna pulled away and gave me a look that was part triumph and part astonishment.
▪ Thelma, haggard and overly lipsticked, gave me a refill.
▪ They'd be sorry for me, they'd give me whisky and aspirins and send me to a psychiatrist.
▪ This gave me more information about the teams than any of the other committee members had.
give me strength
▪ I felt the blood running down my face, and the pain gave me strength.
▪ Some one give me strength, I pray.
▪ To find such understanding in a book gave me strength.
▪ When things looked dark, when the way was long, you gave me strength to continue.
▪ You say that I have the endurance - you say it in order to give me strength.
give me/it a break!
gracious (me)!/good gracious!/goodness gracious!
if you ask me
▪ All this stuff about poisons in the water supply is a load of hogwash, if you ask me.
▪ He's just plain crazy if you ask me.
▪ If you ask me, getting rid of the death tax is the best thing they could do.
▪ But the policeman wouldn't even have noticed, if you ask me.
▪ Good for him, if you ask me.
▪ Hanging around the house with a parson has saved the day, if you ask me.
▪ He's too keen, if you ask me.
▪ I give him my input if he asks me.
▪ Looks as if it should have been done hours ago, if you ask me.
▪ The bloke who made up those tests was the real loony if you ask me.
▪ There's more dies than lives in these alleys, if you ask me.
if you don't mind my saying so/if you don't mind me asking
it's all Greek to me
it/what gets me
▪ Again, it gets me away utterly from television.
▪ But it gets me out of the house for a while.
▪ But never mind the niceties: it gets me in.
▪ But what gets me most is when somebody dies who hasn't really lived.
▪ Heaven knows I've tried talking to him, but it gets me nowhere.
▪ Sometimes I can laugh it off but inside it gets me down.
▪ That's what gets me about it.
▪ The same old thing - cleaning the same things all the time, that's what gets me.
let me be the judge of that
let me remind you/may I remind you (that)
let me see
▪ And Martini rolls a big, let me see, a big nineteen.
▪ But you could give me this project, put me in charge of the entire operation - and let me see it through.
▪ I promised to give it the fifty-one hours, so that's, let me see, forty-five left.
▪ Now let me see if I can split the difference.
▪ So far, let me see, it's two-eighty.
▪ Why won't you let me see your schoolbooks nowadays?
let me think
▪ I said well, let me think about it.
▪ These kids were by... gee, let me think.
lucky you/me etc
▪ Here in the Adirondacks, if you were lucky you might have found an orange in your Christmas stocking.
▪ How lucky you were, I think.
▪ If you lucky you can do alright.
▪ If you are lucky you might get a codex thrown in for a good measure for telecomms application.
▪ It was lucky you were together when you found the bodies.
▪ You don't know how lucky you are in that respect.
make me/you sick
▪ He's so cute it makes me sick.
▪ It's enough to make you sick, the way they treat old people.
▪ Another helping will make you sick.
▪ But it made me sick and dizzy, so I didn't take it.
▪ Finally, the very thought of one more sweet and sticky mouthful would make him sick.
▪ He said riding in the ambulance made him sick.
▪ I was too young to exercise my intellectual force to demolish prejudices that made me sick.
▪ It made you sick to your stomach.
▪ It was the suspense that was making me sick.
▪ The shocking stills above are from the 1992 film and show the Ally McBeal star making herself sick after a binge.
me and my big mouth/you and your big mouth etc
me either
▪ "I've never had a broken bone." "Me either."
▪ And when I go upstairs with somebody, that isn't me either.
▪ Books and magazines won't grab me either.
▪ But he, unconsciously, has not spared me either.
▪ Don't be writing to me either.
▪ I didn't look behind me either.
▪ I don't want to talk about me either, but just be what you are.
▪ Mrs Cigans can not accompany me either.
▪ No one ever told me either that a stepmother could suffer so badly from empty nest syndrome.
my goodness!/goodness (gracious) me!
my head/back etc is killing me
now you tell me!
pardon me
Pardon me, but I'd better answer that phone.
Pardon me, but that's not exactly what happened.
Pardon me, can you tell me how to get to the library?
Pardon me for thinking they were important, pardon me for feeling beautiful and lyrical, pardon me for loving you.
▪ And can you pardon me for coming to such a conclusion as that in the last line of my verses?
▪ I ask you to pardon me.
▪ Or is it, pardon me for being so vulgar but others will ask the same, her family?
▪ Rex, pardon me, but you don't seem to be shrugging helplessly or shaking your head.
▪ You must pardon me, by the way, for speaking to you in this vague way.
pardon me for breathing/living
pardon me for interrupting/asking/saying
Pardon me for asking, but where did you buy your shoes?
rather you/him/her/them than me
remember me to sb
run that by me again
sb tells me (that)
▪ Debbie tells me you're looking for a new job.
▪ He tells me calmly that he would like another bellini at the Hotel Excelsior on the Venice Lido.
▪ He always tells me what to see, what to read.
▪ He comes back and tells me his bus is forty two.
▪ Hindsight tells me that I was looking for trouble, but-at the time I knew nothing about it.
▪ Not in the violence, Tod tells me.
▪ Rachel tells me not to go to a gay therapist.
▪ She just calls me up and tells me how cool I am or whatever for an hour or something.
▪ Something tells me I won't be seeing her for a while either.
sb will be the death of me
search me!
show me the money
so help me (God)
▪ A police station, so help me, is a piece of the action.
▪ But, so help me ... I have done nothing!
tell me
Tell me a little about yourself.
Tell me about Thursday night. Did you visit Mrs Berry?
Tell me Caroline, do you trust me?
Tell me where you left the money.
Tell me, do you think this dress matches theses shoes?
▪ Come in and tell me what the problem is.
▪ So tell me - what're you doing in Argentina?
▪ He told me I was too old to even be considered.
▪ It was Nina who told me otherwise.
▪ Look, will you tell me where you are?
▪ Nobody would dream of coming in uninvited, and telling me to put my cigarette out.
▪ She told me once that Spiritualists ate sweets during the service.
▪ She told me what she was looking for in the genealogy some kind of outlaw, I think.
▪ Then the nurse came to tell me that he wouldn't see me.
▪ They kept telling me that Dino and Bob and Leonardthey said, Those guys are killers, why are you protecting them?
tell me about it
▪ "I'm totally sick of my boss." "Yeah, tell me about it."
▪ But I was pleased they had told me about it once.
▪ Can you tell me about it?
▪ Her father, Meir Ahronson, told me about it himself.
▪ I remember the day when they told me about it.
▪ She had had a rewarding session with the dressmaker and wanted to tell me about it.
▪ You got problems, man, you tell me about it.
tell me another (one)
that's news to me!
▪ The meeting's been canceled? That's news to me.
this/that leads (me) to sth
▪ Anything less than that leads to what the theistic traditions frequently refer to as idolatry.
▪ But the priority is to get off a path that leads to more and more isolation.
▪ It is this that leads to the dependency culture predominant among deaf people in integrated education.
▪ It was a straight road, the kind of road that leads to a temple or a sacred monument.
▪ So that leads me to think that these sorts of events are not particularly uncommon.
▪ Then the operatives are more likely to make mistakes when set-ups are constantly changing, and that leads to increased wastage.
▪ This is the scene that leads to the Giza plateau.
▪ Those same lessons apply to changing our attitude from one that leads to failure to one that leads to success.
woe is me
▪ Oh woe is me, another potentially terrific game scuppered by an irritating multiload!
▪ Our only possible response before such a personal theophany can be: Woe is me!
words fail me
▪ Just look at this mess. Look at it. It's...#Words fail me!
▪ To get off a train with a total stranger ... I really can not ... well, words fail me.
you can tell him from me
you could have fooled me
▪ "Look, we're doing our best to fix it." "Well, you could have fooled me."
you had me worried
▪ You really had me worried - I thought you didn't like the present.
you have me there
you won't catch me doing sth
▪ You won't catch me ironing his shirts!
you'll thank me
▪ You'll thank me for this one day, Laura.
you're putting me on!
▪ Seth is moving to Alaska? You're putting me on!
you're telling me
▪ "Wow, it's really hard working outside all day." "You're telling me!"
you've got me (there)
▪ Bud was sitting across from me.
▪ He reminds me of David Bowie.
▪ Judy, bring me that book.
▪ Kiki gave it to me for Christmas.
▪ You guys go without me.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Me \Me\ (m[-e]), pron. One. See Men, pron. [Obs.]


Me \Me\ (m[=e]), pers. pron. [AS. m[=e], dat. & acc., mec, acc. only; akin to D. mij, G. mich, Icel. & Goth. mik, L. me, Gr. me`, 'eme`, Skr. m[=a], m[=a]m. [root]187. Cf. 2d Mine.] The person speaking, regarded as an object; myself; a pronoun of the first person used as the objective and dative case of the pronoum I; as, he struck me; he gave me the money, or he gave the money to me; he got me a hat, or he got a hat for me.

Note: In methinks, me is properly in the dative case, and the verb is impersonal, the construction being, it appears to me. In early use me was often placed before forms of the verb to be with an adjective; as, me were lief.

Me rather had my heart might frrl your love Than my unpleased eye see your courtesy.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English me (dative), me, mec (accusative); oblique cases of I, from Proto-Germanic *meke (accusative), *mes (dative), cognates: Old Frisian mi/mir, Old Saxon mi, Middle Dutch mi, Dutch mij, Old High German mih/mir, German mich/mir, Old Norse mik/mer, Gothic mik/mis; from PIE root *me-, oblique form of the personal pronoun of the first person singular (nominative *eg; see I); cognates: Sanskrit, Avestan mam, Greek eme, Latin me, mihi, Old Irish me, Welsh mi "me," Old Church Slavonic me, Hittite ammuk.\n

\nErroneous or vulgar use for nominative (such as it is me) attested from c.1500. Dative preserved in obsolete meseems, methinks and expressions such as sing me a song ("dative of interest"). Reflexively, "myself, for myself, to myself" from late Old English.


pron. ''As the direct object of a verb''.


Me or ME may refer to:

  • Me, the object form of the pronoun I
Me (mythology)

In Sumerian mythology, a me ( Sumerian, conventionally pronounced ) or ñe or parşu ( Akkadian, ) is one of the decrees of the gods foundational to those social institutions, religious practices, technologies, behaviors, mores, and human conditions that make civilization, as the Sumerians understood it, possible. They are fundamental to the Sumerian understanding of the relationship between humanity and the gods.

Me (Sandie Shaw album)

Me is the second album by 1960s British girl singer Sandie Shaw. It was released by Pye Records in November 1965, just eight months after her debut, but unfortunately did not follow its success - though her singles were still selling well. Since the release of the Sandie album, Shaw had gained another three UK Top 10 hits - " I'll Stop at Nothing," the Number One " Long Live Love" and " Message Understood," all of which had been written by Chris Andrews. As with the previous album, Me contained a mixture of Chris Andrews-penned material and cover versions of songs by other artists, as well as a track written by Shaw herself. However the balance of original and remade material was different this time - half of the twelve tracks were written by Andrews, as opposed to the third on the Sandie album, one track by Shaw, and five songs by other artists. Me was later re-issued as a package with Sandie on CD in the 1990s on the RPM label, and then again in digitally remastered format by EMI in 2005 with bonus French versions of "Down Dismal Ways" and "Too Bad You Don't Want Me."

Me (kana)

, in hiragana, or in katakana, is one of the Japanese kana, each of which represents one mora. Both versions are written in two strokes and represent .





Normal m-
(ま行 ma-gyō)



めい, めぃ
めえ, めぇ

メイ, メィ
メエ, メェ

Me (Sumerian mythology)
Me (Fiona album)

Me is the third album by Fiona Sit and was released on December 22, 2005. It contains seven tracks and an extensive mini-booklet containing pictures, writing, drawings and personal blog entries by Fiona. It can be considered half autobiography and half album.

Me (Tamia song)

"Me" is a song by Canadian recording artist Tamia. It was written and produced by Shep Crawford for the singer's third album More (2004), but it did not make into the final track list. However it was later included on her fourth studio album Between Friends and released as its second single in 2007, reaching number 29 on the US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.

Me (Buck Brothers album)

Me is the debut album by London-based band Buck Brothers, released in the United Kingdom in March 2007 and the United States in October 2007. On 5 March 2007, to commemorate the album's UK release, the band broke the Guinness World Record for the "most gigs performed in 12 hours".

In October 2007 the album entered the CMJ Top 200 chart in the United States.

Me (Misono album)

Me is the third solo studio album by J-pop singer Misono, released on June 30, 2010. The album was released in three different formats: CD only, CD+DVD, and a limited edition.

The album was preceded in release by seven singles.

Me (Paula Cole song)

"Me" is a song written, produced and performed by Paula Cole. It was released as the third and final single from her double platinum album This Fire. Unlike Cole's previous two singles, "Me" underperformed commercially. As it was not released commercially, it was not eligible to chart on the Billboard Hot 100. It did peak at #17 on the U.S. Billboard Adult Top 40 and cracked the top 40 on Billboard's Hot 100 Airplay chart. The music video for the single did receive a decent amount of rotation US music television stations MTV and VH1. Unlike Cole's previous two singles, "Me", was the only single that did not receive a commercial CD/Cassette single release for purchase in the USA.

Me (Super Junior-M album)

Me is the first studio album by Mandopop boy band Super Junior-M. Me was released in CD stores in selected provinces of China starting April 23, 2008. A Korean version of the album with three bonus Korean tracks was released in South Korea on April 30, 2008. Modified versions of the album were distributed in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, and other Asian countries on May 2, 2008.

Avex Taiwan released an Asia Deluxe Edition repackage of the album on August 1, 2008, which not only includes the three bonus Korean tracks, but also a DVD.

Me (Ray Stevens album)

Me was Ray Stevens' twentieth studio album and his third and final for Mercury Records, released in 1983. In 1982, Stevens returned briefly to Mercury to record this album (his first for that label in 20 years) before moving to MCA Records in 1984. The front of the album cover shows Stevens portraying a painter painting a self-portrait; while the back shows the finished portrait on a table along with a second self-portrait that is sketched by pencil, a cup filled with paint brushes, the paint tray, tubes of paint, a small glass filled with water and a rose, and a lamp. Two singles were lifted from the album: "Love Will Beat Your Brains Out" (which unfortunately did not chart) and a cover of Paul Petersen's hit "My Dad."

ME (band)

ME were an Australian rock band formed in Melbourne active from 2008-2015. The band composed of Luke Ferris (vocals, guitar, piano), Michael Godde (bass, backing vocals), Spike Rogers (drums), and two separate guitarists: Damian Tapley and Joshua Murphy. In 2010 they signed with UK independent record label Lizard King Records and moved to the UK to record their debut album.

After supporting Twin Atlantic, King Charles, Evanescence, Kasabian and Panic! at the Disco, the band released their debut mini-album "Another Story High" early in 2012 and the full-length album "Even the Odd Ones Out" in 2013. Both these releases were recorded by Simon ‘Barny’ Barnicott.

The band cite numerous and wide ranging influences ranging from Led Zeppelin, Queen, The Mars Volta, Muse, Radiohead, and The Beatles, to Rachmaninoff, Philip Glass and American film composer Danny Elfman. The band were also influenced by theatrical performance and their live shows often featured additional on-stage musicians such as drum troupes, violinists, vocal choirs, orchestras, dancers and other guest performers. The band’s name was originally written as [Me] but a decision was made to remove the square brackets and is now most commonly written as ME. The band name itself has led to press articles referring to the band as ‘The Ungoogleables'.

Me (Biff Bang Pow! album)

Me is the sixth and last album by London indie pop band Biff Bang Pow! released in 1991.

Me (Jo Dee Messina album)

'Me 'is the fifth full-length studio album by country singer Jo Dee Messina. The album was released on Messina's own Dreambound Records and distributed by Entertainment One on March 18, 2014. ''Me ''is Messina's first album since parting ways with her former label, Curb Records, who launched her career in 1995. The album was "crowd-funded" by help from Messina's fan base and Kickstarter in spring of 2013. The album's lead single, "Peace Sign", was issued to radio on August 23, 2013. A second single, "A Woman's Rant", went to radio on February 24, 2014.

Me (Empress Of album)

Me is the debut studio album by American singer and songwriter Empress Of, released on September 11, 2015 by XL Recordings and Terrible Records. The first single, "Water Water", was released April 14, 2015. The second single, "Kitty Kat", was released July 20, 2015 along with the album's announcement.

Usage examples of "me".

Chacune de mes pierres vous apporte un bienfait et vous enseigne un devoir.

Working with half a dozen other agents in a five-vehicle team, Fogle photographed a number of MEs loading boxes into vans outside the mosque.

Pourtant, malgre mes explications aussi franches que claires, je sens bien que tu es parti fache contre moi, et, ce qui est plus triste encore, inquiet et malheureux.

Quand Belle-Isle est parti, Une nuit, De Prague a petit bruit, Il dit, Voyant la lune: Lumiere de mes jours, Astre de ma fortune, Conduisez-moi toujours.

Meren received the greetings of the lector priest while perusing the scene.

Mirabeau fixa ses regards sur un jeune muet, eut-il un pressentiment de mes futuritions?

Come, drink a stoup of muscadine with me, mes anges, for my heart is warm to be among ye again.

Quand il y aura des courses serieuses en France, je me charge de battre tous vos anglais avec mes russes: nous verrons si le bai a la mode ne sera pas remplace par notre gris, qui est la vraie couleur du cheval.

Le mousquet au bras, je revais, contre le perron, a mes affaires et a mes plaisirs.

Sans etre riches, mes parents sont a leur aise, et si je les perds, comme tout le fait craindre, je pourrai realiser un reve de bonheur que je caresse depuis longtemps.

At once they all splintered in different directions and left the wine pourer to face Meren.

Et les patriarches, les apotres, les dames en collerette de guipure, prolongeaient dans mes reves leur vie surnaturelle.

Mes os, et ceux de saint Riquier, ici present avec moi, ont ete ravis a leur tombe, et maintenant ils sont captifs sur une terre etrangere, mais le temps est venu ou ils doivent etre replaces dans les lieux ou nous avons vecu.

Working with half a dozen other agents in a five-vehicle team, Fogle photographed a number of MEs loading boxes into vans outside the mosque.

She called us mes petis chinois because, just like the Chinese, we were unable to pronounce the letter r, but after some time she became so used to it that she began to pronounce her own name as Mme.