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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Metazoa \Met`a*zo"a\, n. pl. [NL., fr. Gr. ? after + zo^,on an animal.] (Zo["o]l.) Those animals in which the protoplasmic mass, constituting the egg, is converted into a multitude of cells, which are metamorphosed into the tissues of the body. A central cavity is commonly developed, and the cells around it are at first arranged in two layers, -- the ectoderm and endoderm. The group comprises nearly all animals except the Protozoa.


n. (context zoology English) All those multicellular animals of the subkingdom Metazoa.

  1. n. any animal of the subkingdom Metazoa; all animals except protozoans and sponges

  2. [also: metazoa (pl)]


See metazoan

Usage examples of "metazoa".

Ekiversh are intelligent metazoa who have a fully-developed race-memory.

Several of the metazoa detached themselves from the main body and disappeared in the direction of a line of hills, travelling rapidly.

Automatically, Renark prepared himself for take-off, thanked the metazoa and pressed the drive control.

Weismann has shown that there is throughout the metazoa a general correlation between the natural lifetime of individuals composing any given species, and the age at which they reach maturity or first become capable of procreation.

Soon they began to climb into the black sky, and the gaseous metabolic wastes of the metazoa living inside them leached out, forming, over aeons, a rudimentary cloud ceiling.