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n. (plural of merrow English)

Usage examples of "merrows".

Even the merrows were ill at ease aboard the crystal ship: The Shining One known as Manaan Sea-lord was a demigod to the Moruadha, ruler of tides, Wavewalker and Stormbringer.

Beyond hope, the merrows had succeeded in locating Declan and his warriors in their hidden stronghold.

I liked it not at all when you attempted to suborn the merrows, Akhi, and the seai-fotk with them.

They were an ophidian race of middling height, in build something like to the merrows of Keltia, though thicker and less attenuated-looking, with an aura of strength and iron endurance—both of which they would surely stand in need of, living as they did on so harsh a world.

Unlike the merrows, the silkies of Keltia were not humanoid in form, but retained most of the physical characteristics of their phocine ancestors.