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n. (plural of merlin English)

Usage examples of "merlins".

A special shelf, and the most beautiful of all, held the hoods: very old cracked rufter hoods which had been made for birds before Kay was born, tiny hoods for the merlins, small hoods for tiercels, splendid new hoods which had been knocked up to pass away the long winter evenings.

There were two little merlins which had only just been taken up from hacking, an old peregrine who was not much use in this wooded country but who was kept for appearances, a kestrel on which the boys had learned the rudiments of falconry, a spar-hawk which Sir Ector was kind enough to keep for the parson, and, caged off in a special apartment of his own at the far end, there was the tiercel goshawk Cully.

You will find that both the kestrel and the spar-hawk are polite to you, but for all sake's sake don't interrupt the senior merlins or the falcon.

The merlins were released every winter and new ones caught again next year.

Even through the growl of the plane's four Merlins, he heard a shrieking roar that made every hair on his body try to stand erect.

A glance at the gauges told him those Merlins would never fly again He shut them down, shut down the fuel feed to them, feathered the props.

A foregone conclusion—the ersatz Merlins of the world did not often operate outside a friendly environment.