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Merli is an Italian surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Adalberto Maria Merli (born 1938), Italian actor
  • Danio Merli (born 1956), Italian sprint canoeist
  • Francesco Merli (1887–1976), Italian opera singer
  • Franco Merli (born 1956), Italian actor
  • Gino J. Merli (1924–2002), United States Army Medal of Honor recipient
  • Maurizio Merli (1940–1989), Italian actor
  • Reidar Merli (1917–2007), Norwegian wrestler
  • Merli is also the name of a Vocaloid character.
Merlí (TV3 series)

Merlí is a television series produced by Catalonia channel TV3 about a philosophy teacher of the same name, who encourages students to think freely using some unorthodox methods, which divides the opinions of the class, teachers and families.

With some influence from films like Dead Poets Society, in Merlí, the director attempts to bring philosophy closer to everyone. Each episode includes the approaches of some great thinker or school, such as peripatetic, Nietzsche or Schopenhauer, linking the events and the characters.

The series, created and written by Hector Lozano and directed by Eduard Cortés, premiered on TV3 on September 14, 2015 in primetime and reached a share of 17.7% with 566,000 viewers. In total the series consists of 13 episodes, baptized with the name of different philosophers.

Merli (software)

was produced by Yamaha Corporation with i-style Project for Vocaloid 3. Her voice is provided by a contest winner, Japanese female, Misaki Kamata. Merli was developed as the elder sister to Aoki Lapis. She is named after the stone "Merlinite", which was the chosen name out of many suggestions put forward by fans of Vocaloid.