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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Merino \Me*ri"no\, n.; pl. Merinos. [Sp.]

  1. (Zo["o]l.) A breed of sheep originally from Spain, noted for the fineness of its wool.

  2. A fine fabric of merino wool.


n. (plural of merino English)


Merinos is a village in the south of Paysandú Department of western Uruguay.

Usage examples of "merinos".

The outnumbered narcs gave way, and the slavering merinos charged this way and that, butting and kicking, fighting as mean and as dirty as their berserk riders.

Then, as the party watched with awe, she stood up in the two-foot depths and scampered to safety, two water-and-arrow-logged merinos at her heels.

It numbered seven, to be exact, and might have been less had not seven merinos finally bolted for freedom out from under their riders.

He wanted to buy some of the King's merinos, and he proposed calling on Sir Joseph Banks, who supervised the flock.

The Flogging Parson, his face redder still, had begun savaging the Pope again, and to shut him out Stephen replied in a louder voice 'Curiously enough it was merinos that I was thinking of, the King's merinos.

His sheep, mostly merinos, had plenty of time to get on to high ground and save their lives.