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vb. (en-third-person singular of: mention)

Usage examples of "mentions".

I remember, now the gentleman mentions it, compares the march of the Trojans to the cackling of geese, and greatly commends the silence of the Grecians.

An old woman, who seemed coeval with the building, and greatly resembled her whom Chamont mentions in the Orphan, received us at the gate, and in a howl scarce human, and to me unintelligible, welcomed her master home.

He mentions all told more than fifty names of men and women whom he consulted for information, to which number many others should be added of those who gave him nothing that he could use.

Sir Joshua Reynolds, to whom I was obliged for my information concerning this excursion, mentions a very characteristical anecdote of Johnson while at Plymouth.

He thus mentions them, together with honest Levett, in one of his letters to Mrs.

Bucket mentions that he has the key of the outer door in his pocket and that there is no need to ring.

And I want you to restrain yourself when he mentions Sally, as no doubt he will.

This witness Anderson mentions is probably Joseph Lawende, the cigarette salesman who was believed to have seen Catherine Eddowes with the Ripper at the entrance to Mitre Square.