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A Mentat is a fictional type of human, presented in Frank Herbert's science fiction Dune universe. In an interstellar society that fears a resurgence of artificial intelligence and thus prohibits computers, Mentats are specially trained to mimic the cognitive and analytical ability of electronic computers.

Mentat (computing)

Mentat is a macro-dataflow extension of the C++ programming language. It was developed at the University of Virginia computer science Department by a research group led by Andrew Grimshaw. The combination of the ideas needed to implement the Mentat run-time with the ideas in Carnegie Mellon University's Hydra distributed operating system led to the Legion distributed OS.

Mentat (disambiguation)

A mentat is a profession in the fictional Dune universe created by Frank Herbert.

Mentat may also refer to:

  • Mentat (computing), a C++ macro-dataflow extension
  • Mentat (company), a software company acquired by Packeteer in 2004
  • Mentats, fictional drugs in the Fallout video game series
  • The Mentat, a school for mental arts in the 1995 science fiction novel The Search for Snout