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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Menge \Menge\ (m[e^]nj), v. i. [imp. Mente, Meinte; p. p. Ment, Meint.] [See Mingle.] To mix. [Obs.]


Ment \Ment\, p. p. of Menge.


vb. 1 (context obsolete English) (en-past of: meng) 2 (obsolete spelling of meant English)


MENT may refer

  • A brand name for a hormone
  • Trestolone (7α-methyl-19-nortestosterone) a synthetic androgen developed for male contraception
  • Myeloid and erythroid nuclear termination stage specific protein a member of the serpin family of protease inhibitors
  • MENT BC, a Greek basketball club

Usage examples of "ment".

The conversation, the other evening, had turned on the subject of watches, when one of the gentlemen present, the manager of a large watch-making establishment, told us a rather interesting fact.

In the early forties, while playing an engagement somewhere in the wild West, Junius Brutus Booth did a series of kindnesses to a particularly undeserving fellow, the name of him unknown to us.

Thus it was that the skull came to secure an engagement to play the role of poor Yorick in J.

A simple confrontation, a telephone call to the lawyer at Ludwigsburg, the arrival thirty minutes later of a police van to take the man away for imprisonment, trial, and a life sentence.

She left, thinking oddly of the enormity of his hand, and started to make a beeline for the War Department across the street.

If it were accompanied by some knowledge that her military plan was under consideration at the highest levels of the War Department, the power to build bridges would be buttressed.

The position he now held was that of general counsel in the War Department, a trusted adviser to Simon Cameron.

He nodded and walked quickly down the hallway of the War Department building, past the telegraph office where President Lincoln spent much of his time waiting for the results of losing battles, to his own cubicle where his messenger was waiting.

It was her own do-it-yourself enchantment, a kind of self-hypnosis, substitute for God knew how many thousand dollars worth of psychotherapy.

A modey collection of Royal Wagon Train drivers aug mented by muleteers and carters recruited from the local population were available to deliver the infantry car tridges while the artillery usually provided their own transport The difficulty of his ownjob, Tarrant said, was in working out which requests were frivolous and which desperate.

Compared to their low-rent, two-bedroom apar ment, Olivia guessed it was.

The Deer Lake town fathers had seen a need for a pretty new building to house their jail and police department, but they were having a harder time seeing a need for up-to-date computer equipt had half a dozen PCs from ment.

Gas has 50 Governor and Canadian Man- percent interest in five produc ager are frequently in disagree- ing oil wells at Leduc, Alberta, ment over the next two decades.

Miguel, after studying alternative locations and real estate advertisements, signed a one-year lease with full pay152 ARTHUR BAILEY ment in advance.

Would you have it said that the entertain ment at your wedding was provided by the musicians Jabba deemed too poor to play for him?