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vb. (alternative form of ming English)


Meng can refer to the following:

  • Master of Engineering (MEng or M.Eng.), an academic or professional master's degree in the field of engineering
  • , the symbol used for the labiodental nasal consonantal sound

  • Meng (孟), a Chinese surname, notable people including Mencius
  • MENG, acronym for Marketing Executives Network Group
  • Tonga Fifita, a former professional wrestler who used "Meng" as his stage name in World Championship Wrestling
Meng (surname)

Meng (, ) is a Chinese surname. Meng is a shi surname or clan name (氏), as opposed to the xing (姓) category of surname. Meng is of the type of surname which was a member of the list of names denoting seniority within a certain family: in ancient usage, the characters of meng (孟), zhong (仲), shu (叔) and ji (季) were used to denote the first, second, third and fourth eldest sons in a family. These were sometimes adopted as surnames. Of these, Meng is the best known, being the surname of the philosopher Mencius.

Meng (river)

The Meng River originates from the Red Wall mountain gorge at above sea level. It flows through the Gamperdonatal in a northern direction, where it unites in the municipality of Nenzing with the Ill. It reaches a length of 18 kilometers.

The Gampbach with 5 kilometers of length approaches from the right side out of the Gamptal. Gampbach merges in the middle part with the Meng River.

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Usage examples of "meng".

Go and ask Mengs, and tell the ambassador that I have much pleasure in accepting his invitation.

Yee Wung took unto himself a sturdy cane, called in the defaulting Ah Meng, and, having batooned that unlucky servitor with much spirit and satisfaction, kicked him out again, re-locked the door, and mounted upon a step-ladder to search an upper shelf.

Before leaving me the colonel begged me to meet Mengs at dinner at his house.

Mengs sided with the ambassador, and begged me to come and live with him, so as not to be liable to any more inconveniences from spying servants.

As he could not get any ancient ceilings, he was obliged to have them painted, and Mengs was undoubtedly the greatest and the most laborious painter of his age.

After hearing all this news which was far from pleasant to me, as I did not wish to see Mengs or my brother, I went to bed, leaving orders that I was to be roused in time for dinner.

The celebrated painter Mengs imitated that idea in the picture of the Annunciation which he painted in Madrid twelve years afterwards, but I do not know whether he had the same reasons for it as my painter.

The Chevalier Mengs embraced me as a brother, but I had the advantage over him in not being obliged to pay anything, whereas the great artist had to disburse twenty-five Roman crowns to have his diploma made out.

I had called two or three times on the painter Mengs, who had been painter in ordinary to his Catholic majesty for six years, and had an excellent salary.

The next day I dined with Mengs, and the day after that I was accosted in the street by an ill-looking fellow, who bade me follow him to a cloister, as he had something of importance to communicate to me.

I embraced Mengs, had the weapons put into my carriage, and got in with the officer, who seemed a perfect gentleman.

When I told Mengs of this he said it was now in my power to make my fortune in Spain, and that now was the time when all the ministers would be only too anxious to do something for me to make me forget the wrongs I had received.

I did not accept this invitation till I had been pressed for some time, and I noted the remark of the ambassador, who said I owed Mengs this reparation for the indirect affront he had received.

I was so annoyed by this rude, brutal, and ungrateful letter, that if I had not been seven leagues from Madrid, and in a state of the utmost weakness, Mengs should have suffered for his insolence.

This brother never went anywhere without a picture of the Virgin, which Mengs had painted for him.