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menstrual flow

n. flow of blood from the uterus; occurs at roughly monthly intervals during a woman's reproductive years [syn: menorrhea, menstrual blood]

Usage examples of "menstrual flow".

Iza gave her the straps of soft, absorbent leather that were worn tied to a waist thong, and explained the proper symbols to make when she buried the straps soiled with menstrual flow deep in the ground.

Anyway, speaking of her idiosyncrasies, after the menstrual flow was over, after she had rested properly and put a nice layer of fat around her belt, still she wouldn't come across.

On top of it she put the soft absorbent leather straps she took along to use during her menstrual flow.

Even-he grimaced-recommended medications to suppress menstrual flow.

A cylindrical wad of cotton or some absorbent substance whose purpose was to fit inside a girl's vagina and soak up her menstrual flow.

This useful little gadget is also a professional trick for holding back the menstrual flow.