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menstrual blood

n. flow of blood from the uterus; occurs at roughly monthly intervals during a woman's reproductive years [syn: menorrhea, menstrual flow]

Menstrual blood

Usage examples of "menstrual blood".

The tears of shame began to flow, as hot and as heavy as that first flow of menstrual blood had been.

Sue felt welling disgust as the first dark drops of menstrual blood struck the tile in dime-sized drops.

By the time I flushed the toilet I knew for sure because there were a few drops of menstrual blood in there.

When she'd finished, I reached into my bag for the amulet the SDA had given me as well as a small glass pot containing dried menstrual blood from my first period.

He most likely soiled his clothing and vehicle from the blunt force trauma delivered to both victims and the menstrual blood of victim Ellroy.

I'd get me some doggie menstrual blood and spray it in his eyes and nose for a week or so, till he came to think of it as food and love.

An old faded lizard shaped stain of menstrual blood in the mattress.