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n. (context biology English) Any organelle that contains melanin.


A melanosome is an organelle found in animal cells and is the site for synthesis, storage and transport of melanin, the most common light-absorbing pigment found in the animal kingdom. Melanosomes are responsible for color and photoprotection in animal cells and tissues.

Melanosomes are synthesised in the skin (in melanocytes), in the eye (in choroidal melanocytes and retinal pigment epithelial (RPE) cells), and in melanophores found in lower vertebrates.

Melanosome (geology)

In geology, a melanosome is a dark, mafic mineral band formed in migmatite which is melting into a eutaxitic texture ; often, this leads to the formation of granite. The melanosomes form bands with leucosomes, and in that context may be described as schlieren or migmatitic.