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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
the Med
▪ And Med School lost a student.
▪ He was working temporarily, hoping to get accepted to med school.
▪ Well, no .... but I've seen their med pallets.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

colloquial abbreviation of medicine, 1942. With a capital M and short for Mediterranean, by 1948.


Etymology 1

  1. (context informal English) medical. n. (context informal chiefly in the plural English) medications, especially prescribed psychoactive medications. Etymology 2


  2. (context UK dialect English) may; might


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Usage examples of "med".

French Style Roast Beaf 3 lb Boneless chuck or 1 tsp salt rolled rump roast 1 tsp thyme 6 whole cloves 5 peppercorns 1 bay leaf 1 lg clove, garlic 4 c water 4 med.

It was Indian the med with the Chukka Bar to my left as I walked into the marble reception area.

Word of pirates carrying darklings about the Med should get Admiral DuPuy some more ships, perhaps .

Siracusa, bringing the Napolitans over the Messina Straits, with the Gibby Fleet making a diversionary attack at Tunis, splitting off to join the Med Fleet for the landings.

Jake DeS hazer wrote poetry on a mental blackboard, and Bob Meder reviewed books he had read, making outlines of them, and sometimes reciting poetry he had memorized in school.

The liches were already dead, but perhaps her own blood would give Meder the power he needed for his incantation.

Neither the armor some liches wore nor the blows they rained with a variety of weapons on Meder had any effect on his actions.

Her med nanos had numbed the right side of her face to the exclusion of the injuries her pain-wracked body told her existed everywhere else.

Pinching off the nose, smothering, fooling with med lines, injecting succinyl, insulin, potassium.

Med at Dong Ha was handling casualties from Hue City as a result of the Tet battle there.

Or so, Tjanting said, a colleague specializing in med supplies had told her when she called back and read him the bill-of-lading fiche.

I flipped the med with my nose so that its explosive injector sleeve faced up, then fell on my face, shooting the antivenin into my numb cheek.

But everything she had said had set med to go in one Markland ear and out the other.

Henry recalled an offprint from med school, some article quickly scanned in the search for something else.

After our internships, I took a professorship at the med school crosstown and worked the cancer wards at Western Pediatric medical Center, and he went straight into private practice.