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n. (plural of mech English)

Usage examples of "mechs".

The mechs had taken lives and selves and left nothing but emptied bodies.

When the mechs had breached those, the human perimeter had fallen back in a mad scramble.

Though the mechs had gouged gaping holes, the massive bulwarks had stood for a while.

Killeen came down on a pocked polyalum slab, the old kind that mechs had used for some long-forgotten purpose.

Family and had a long lifetime rich in story and experience, the kind of gut savvy that meant more in dealing with Marauder mechs than anything else.

Factory mechs wrenched to a stop as the Family skipped light and fast through their workyards.

Such mechs had no other defense mechanisms, so the Family gave the slope-nosed, turtlelike forms no notice.

That had been a small advantage humanity had over the roving, predator mechs, and if this Mantis was a sign, that thin edge was now lost.

The Marauder-class mechs sometimes wanted that: not metals or volatiles or supplies of any sort.

Navvys clucked and rolled and labored around them, carrying out the endless production that had given mechs their steady dominion over humanity.

This was a neglected station, far from the lands where mechs chose to build their majestic woven ceramic warrens.

Yet the endless succession of such minor stations had flooded this world with mechlife and soon, Killeen reflected, might end the long battle between the mechs and all else.

The dank, dark places had been made for the Marauder-class mechs, and of course for the higher mechs for which humans had no names because men never survived a meeting with one.

Long ago, the mechs had converted their organic proteins, made the molecules helix in the sense opposite to what humans could digest.

The worn or damaged mechs who wandered into a Trough might know only dimly what they needed, or that they needed anything at all.