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a. 1 (abbreviation of mechanical English) 2 (abbreviation of mechanized English) n. 1 (context science fiction English) A large piloted combat robot. 2 A robot. 3 (abbreviation of mechanic English) 4 (abbreviation of mechanics English)

Mech (disambiguation)

Mech is a term used in science fiction for a large, pilotable robot.

Mech may also refer to:

  • Mecha anime and manga, a genre of anime and manga
  • Mechanized infantry
  • Mech, a type of electronic cigarette; see Construction of electronic cigarettes
  • Mech (surname)
  • Mech tribe, a tribe of India and belong to Bodo-Kachari group of tribes
  • Mech, an alternative name for the Bodo language
Mech (surname)

Mech is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • L. David Mech, wolf expert
  • Ramu Mech, Indian ULFA member and prisoner
  • Tim Mech, guitarist

Usage examples of "mech".

An old story held that mechs got high on alky, too, though there was no evidence of it.

If it was a mere navvy, or even another Crafter, that meant the mechs had added another hateful ability to their riverrun of innovation.

We mechs are supposed to be nothing more than cyborgs that the humans in Ops control.

By laying traps for mech squadrons in near pulsars, the podia had enjoyed their first military successes.

For some unknown purpose mechs had furrowed and shaped the rough hillsides into tight, angular sheets and oblique ramps.

It takes me some time to put together the jigsaw shapes in his peripheral vision, to recognize the mech that called itself Microtron, and, much to my surprise, Persephone.

When humanity had been forced from the sprawling Arcologies, it had tried shrewdly to market its scavenging skills among the mech cities.

No one had ever seen anything like a Mantis scavenging or navvy-policing or hunting the assets of other mech cities.

Before every launch I run diagnostics and do a go-nogo for every ring on the entire catapult, then the same thing for the maglev rail the swatter runs on, then for the release mech on the swatter itself.

Les joues creuses, avec des yeux de braise sous les meches grises de ses cheveux qui se tordaient hors de sa coiffe, noire, seche, muette, sa bouche ruinee, son menton menacant et son morne silence, affligeaient mon pere.

The first of the medium combat mechs followed on their heels, and the massive heavy mechs trembled as their four-man crews brought their drivetrains to full power.

The mechs had taken lives and selves and left nothing but emptied bodies.

When the mechs had breached those, the human perimeter had fallen back in a mad scramble.

Though the mechs had gouged gaping holes, the massive bulwarks had stood for a while.

Killeen came down on a pocked polyalum slab, the old kind that mechs had used for some long-forgotten purpose.