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MBM may be:

  • MBM (architecture firm) an architectural firm based in Barcelona, Spain.
  • Meadowbrook Meat Company, an American foodservice company

In business and economics:

  • Market-based measure
  • Management by Means

In computing:

  • MBM (file format), mobile bitmap or multi bitmap
  • magnet bubble memory, a type of computer memory
  • Motherboard Monitor, a computer maintenance utility

In music:

  • Meat Beat Manifesto, British electronic music group
  • Melodic black metal, a genre of heavy metal music

In education:

  • Master of Business and Management, a postgraduate business degree
  • Music Business Management, an undergraduate business degree concentrating on music industry

In sports:

  • MBM (automobile), a Formula One car
  • MBM Motorsports, a NASCAR team
  • Minute by Minute, written online live reporting on a sports event


  • Marshall Bruce Mathers III, American rapper, better known as Eminem


  • MBM Engineering College, Jodhpur, India
  • Marjorie Barrick Museum, a museum of natural history and ethnography at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • Meat and bone meal, a component of animal feeds
MBM (file format)

MBM is shortened from Multi BitMap which, as the name suggests, is a container for a set of bitmap images. The contained bitmaps are not stored verbatim. Rather, each one is stored with a modified bitmap header with no data compression or with 8-, 12-, 16-, or 24-bit RLE compression.

MBM files are used by most Symbian GUI applications to store their graphical content.

MBM (architecture firm)
Not to be confused with McKee-Berger-Mansueto, Inc., the architecture firm run by Gerald McKee and involved in the MBM scandal

MBM ARQUITECTES is an architecture and urban design Spanish firm founded in 1951, and named from the initials of the last names of the three founders partners Josep Martorell, Oriol Bohigas and David Mackay. Since 2000 the firm incorporates two young architects: Oriol Capdevila and Francesc Gual, who join the firm. All of them are Spanish and Mackay, who died in November 2014, was English-Irish.

MBM (automobile)

The MBM was a Swiss Formula One racing car. The car was built by Peter Monteverdi at his base in Binningen, and was designed to compete in Grands Prix, although this aim was ultimately not achieved.

Monteverdi built his first single-seater racing car, a Formula Junior, in 1960, with the help of DKW engine expert Dieter Mantzel. The car was designed to be able to accommodate a 1.5 litre engine to suit the contemporary Formula One regulations.

For 1961, two MBM chassis were constructed, and fitted with Porsche Flat-4 engines, and initially driven in hillclimbs by Monteverdi himself. He then entered one of the cars in the 1961 Solitude Grand Prix, a non-championship Formula One race. Unable to set a representative time in practice, Monteverdi lined up on the grid at the back of the field, and retired with engine failure after just two laps. This car was subsequently written off in an accident at Hockenheim, and Monteverdi buried the wreckage, deciding against continuing with the project. He had entered the car for the 1961 German Grand Prix but this entry was withdrawn after the accident.

The other chassis was later exhibited in Monteverdi showrooms. Some sports cars, the MBM Special, Tourismo, and MBM Sports were also built in very limited numbers before Monteverdi began building cars under his own name in 1967.