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A marotte is a prop stick or sceptre with a carved head on it. Jesters usually used a Marotte. The word is borrowed from the French, where it signifies either a fool's (literal) "bauble", or a fad/craze.

Typically carried by a jester or harlequin, the miniature head will often reflect the costume of the jester who carries it. Modern marottes typically have music boxes or other machinery built into the head. Older marottes may utilize swivel heads with bells.

Usage examples of "marotte".

When he brought the fake tooth to the light, Marotte revealed that it was nothing but a thin metal shell, coated with a white enamel paint.

AS Berkland returned the gems to Marotte, Cardona nudged forward, intending to push the bookcase open.

Leveling his revolver, Cardona nudged the bookcase with his shoulder, just as Marotte was bending forward to replace the rubies in their false-tooth containers.

Gaspard Marotte was staring straight into the muzzles of a pair of revolvers.

He would have gained it before Doxol could swing the machine gun, but Marotte prevented it.

If Marotte yielded to The Shadow, he would talk - and do it without coaxing.

Frantically, and hopelessly, Marotte looked for an opportunity to elude The Shadow.

If Cardona took Woolford into custody for bagging Marotte, he would have to start a hunt for The Shadow because the latter had dropped Doxol.

Woolford was admittedly the man who had shot Marotte with a gun that he had picked up from the floor.

The rubies recovered from Marotte and Doxol were in the custody of the International Association of Jewelers.

He knew that the sixth ruby holder would not try the tactics used by Marotte and Doxol.

They are questioning the proprietors about such men as Marotte and Doxol.