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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Manus \Ma"nus\, n.; pl. Manus. [L., the hand.] (Anat.) The distal segment of the fore limb, including the carpus and fore foot or hand.


Manus \Ma"nus\, n.; pl. Manus. [L., the hand.] (Anat.) The distal segment of the fore limb, including the carpus and fore foot or hand.


n. 1 (context formal English) A hand, as the part of the fore limb below the forearm in a man, or the corresponding part in other vertebrates. 2 (context obsolete Roman law English) The power over other people, especially that of a man over his wife.


n. the (prehensile) extremity of the superior limb; "he had the hands of a surgeon"; "he extended his mitt" [syn: hand, mitt, paw]


Manus may refer to:

  • Manus Province, in Papua New Guinea
  • Manus Island, region of Manus Province
  • Manus languages, a subgroup of the Eastern Admiralty Islands languages
  • Manus marriage, a type of marriage during Roman times
  • Manus (anatomy), the zoological term for the distal portion of the forelimb of an animal (including the human hand)
  • Manus Plate, a tiny tectonic plate located northeast of New Guinea
  • Willard Manus (born 1930), an American novelist
  • Max Manus (1914–1996), a Norwegian resistance fighter during World War II
  • Manus Boonjumnong (born 1980), a Thai Olympic medalist
  • Dirk Manus, fictional smuggler among human characters of The Transformers franchise
Manus (anatomy)

The manus ( Latin for hand) is the zoological term for the distal portion of the fore limb of an animal. In tetrapods, it is the part of the pentadactyl limb that includes the metacarpals and digits ( phalanges). During evolution, it has taken many forms and served a variety of functions. It can be represented by the hand of primates, the lower front limb of hoofed animals or the fore paw and is represented in the wing of birds, bats and prehistoric flying reptiles ( pterosaurs), the flipper of marine mammals and the 'paddle' of extinct marine reptiles, such as plesiosaurs and ichthyosaurs.

In cephalopods, the manus is the end, broader part of a tentacle or arm, and its suckers are often larger and arranged differently from those on the rest of the arm.

Usage examples of "manus".

Bellovaci autem defectione Aeduorum cognita, qui ante erant per se infideles, manus cogere atque aperte bellum parare coeperunt.

Virginis usque ad festum sancti Michael septembris et facta est super eum manus Domini per visionem et allucotionem seraphym et impressionem stigmatum in corpore suo.

Quorum cum magna multitudo convenisset, matres familiae, quae paulo ante Romanis de muro manus tendebant, suos obtestari et more Gallico passum capillum ostentare liberosque in conspectum proferre coeperunt.

Bresnahan showed the girl first the photograph of Pascal Burke, then Quintan Finn, Manus and Donal Frakes, Benny Carson, and finally Tim Tallon.

Contra ea Titurius sero facturos clamitabat, cum maiores manus hostium adiunctis Germanis convenis sent aut cum aliquid calamitatis in proximis hibernis esset acceptum.

Then Manus goes to in front of a mirror in the apartment we used to share, wearing his white Speedo, and he asks, if I were a gay guy would I want to bang him up the butt?

Manus and her new husband about how she met Brandy years before all of us, in some transgender support group.

Australia and New Zealand: Abor Miri, Aneityum, Annamese, Balochi, Bentuni, Binandere, Cheremiss, Chungchia, Georgian, Houailou, Javanese, Kado, Kaili, Kopu, Kusaie, Lepcha, Lifu, Manchu, Manipuri, Manus Island, Marquesas, Mentawei, Mongolian, Mordoff, Mwala, Na-Hsi, Nicobarese, Niue, Ossete, Ostiak, Pali, Panjabi, Pashto, Perm, Petats, Samoan, Tho, Tibetan, Tonga, Vogul.

Their position was north of Biak in New Guinea, but many miles clear of the coast, while the course was roughly south-east, heading for Manus in the Admiralty group.

There were four principal mages, called Tonn, Daedal, Manus and Aum, and their power grew at the expense of all the others.

Quidam ante portam oppidi Gallus per manus sebi ac picis traditas glebas in ignem e regione turris proiciebat: scorpione ab latere dextro traiectus exanimatusque concidit.

Stolen articles: Gold chalice signed Nicholas me fecit, paten engraved manus Dei 13th Century.

Manus and Donal Frakes the favor of getting Pascal Burke out of their lives.

Itaque confestim dimissis nuntiis ad Ceutrones, Grudios, Levacos, Pleumoxios, Geidumnos, qui omnes sub eorum imperio sunt, quam maximas manus possunt cogunt et de improviso ad Ciceronis hiberna advolant nondum ad eum fama de Tituri morte perlata.

And maybe Manus could bust some old tourist who found the cruisy part of Washington Park by accident, but most days the precinct commander was on him to start training a younger replacement.